Monday, November 17, 2014

#6 - Bell Ornaments

12 Days of Homemade Ornaments

These were my least favorite ornaments. BUT, after hanging them on the tree last year, they became one of my favorites. It's amazing what a difference a tree makes!

 I found these bells at Salvation Army. 

Honestly, I had no idea what to do with them.

When you don't know what to do... just paint it. 
That's my motto.

And you can always number them...

 And glitter never hurts...

Well... Well... Well...
I hope you were inspired! Thank you so much for stopping by
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  1. Ohhh... I love these too!! I made your little snowmen the other day ~ cute!

  2. You worked your magic, and these turned out so cute. Love them!
    Mary Alice

  3. These are so sweet! I'm going to have to go check out the craft store for the makings! You are so amazing with all your ideas! Thanks for being so inspiring!
    Sue at the Little Shack

  4. Wow Sherry! You took these from Salvation Army to Expensive Boutique.
    I am loving coming here and seeing your ornaments, you clever girl:)
    Have a fun day, Connie :)

  5. I can see this hanging in the window during Christmas -- great ideas.. thanks

  6. Hi Sherry, these are adorable!! I can see they would be darling on the tree. So many possibilities like family names, words, etc. Love this idea. Thank you for sharing. I have never seen the wicker bells. Going to look for them now!!
    Hugs ;)

  7. These are really cute, Sherry! I don't know if I would have even given them a second look at the Salvation Army. You've just taught me a lesson though, because with a little creativity they look great!

  8. THese are pretty! I have never founf any of these, but I will be looking! I would like to paint them silver and string them up with the words...Silver Bells. :) Can't wait to see what you share tomorrow and I really can't wait to see your home decorated for Christmas!

  9. Sooooo so cute. Love these. So creative my friend.

  10. These were cute to begin with, but I like your motto: paint and glitter when in doubt, and numbers, too. So cute, Sherry!!

  11. Well, if this isn't a clever idea! I love your bells, Sherry :) Have great week!

  12. I'm always inspired by you! These are lovely girl and I know they'll look gorgeous on that tree again!

  13. You nailed this one! Love it Sherry! Cheers.

  14. I think they're lovely, why didn't you like them at the beginning?

  15. Sherry.. this is really awesome!! I like these bells and the way you arranged it.. Jaslynn, Bizbilla


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