Friday, June 17, 2016

My Backyard Garden

Today I'm sharing with you a few garden projects. This is the view from my back porch. I've decided to make a few changes this year so I thought I would show you how it used to look.

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 A friend of ours was getting rid of some wood boxes and the wood fence so this garden project was very thrifty! Another friend had a pile of dirt in his yard so we got that too. 

This is how it looked before the plants started growing.

Backyard Box Garden

Here's some outdoor projects I did for the garden.

First, I picked up this mirror at Salvation Army for cheap, painted the frame, and hung it on the fence.

Then I made a sign to hang above the mirror. I used an old board, stencils, and a black sharpie. 
Mirror Hanging in the Garden, Outdoor Garden Sign

To make a wreath, I used some dollar tree items to decorate an old worn out soaker hose that we already had. The flowers faded a little over time but it still held up great through the summer.
DIY Garden Hose Wreath

This chalkboard inspired sign was definitely a keeper. I painted a board with black paint, used stencils and filled them in with paint pens. 
Chalkboard, Garden, Outdoor Sign

It lasted through the hot summer sun and rainy days. It was still intact when I eventually took it down. 
Outdoor Chalkboard Sign, Garden

Here's a peek at our bigger garden. This is out in the field behind our house. I call it the desert. We live on sandy land and it's so hot out there in the summer.

My husband plants peas and corn in the big garden now while I have veggies in the smaller garden. It's so much easier for me! 

My husband likes to plant a lot, because he likes to plow a lot. I guess it's like therapy for him... or maybe just a man thing?

We pick enough peas and corn for us and we give the rest away.
Large Garden

The best thing about planting corn has been the kids playing hide and seek in it. They love it!

I had fun looking back at my garden. I'm ready for a new look and some new projects. 

I know I've been absent the past several months; I think things are getting back to normal. My family has had a lot going on. Several of you have emailed me and I appreciate it so much! 

My blog friends are the best!
Box Garden, Outdoor Decorating, Signs, Wreath, Plants, Vegetables
I hope you were inspired!
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  1. What an amazing garden, loved what you have done. The garden hose wreath was inspirational.

  2. Hi Sherry. So happy to see you back posting. Love love your garden. Love that you could relove things from other to make this beautiful garden. Bravo girl��

  3. your garden is an inspiration, Sherry! I love how you re-use things, and make them into such cute additions to your already wonderful garden!

  4. Hi Sherry, first of all . . . I got so excited when I saw that you had posted. I love your blog! Your garden is so pretty and your husband's is too. Everything is so neat . . . no weeds allowed :) It's great seeing more of your lovely home. When the weather is nice I spend a minimum of 8 hours a day outside, gardening, sunshine and fresh air, you just can't beat them :)
    Have a sweet weekend.
    Connie :)

  5. Wow...your hubby has quite a wonderful garden! I've been missing you, but I know how life can take priority over blogging at times.
    Mary Alice

  6. Great garden ideas...what a creative use for a hose.

  7. Your garden is so pretty! You could charge admission just to walk around, or a great setting for an outdoor tea party. :)

  8. Sherry, it's so pretty in your garden! I love all the reused items. Did you put the mirror for decoration or to keep the birds out? Glad to see you back to blogging.
    xo, T.

  9. I love love love your backyard and gardens! In so envious every time you share!


  10. Sherry,
    I absolutely love so many things in your inspiring garden - love the. sign, the mirror, the wreath, the chalkboard sign and the raised planting beds. You inspire us with the beauty you create from repurposed items.
    Happy weekend,

  11. Hi Sherry, Your garden is so inspiring!! I love all your elements that make it so special. Each area has so much interest. Love the hose wreath!! I was glad to see your post in my inbox. Seeing you now and then on FB, I knew you were busy!!
    Have a nice weekend. xo

  12. Backyard planning can be so much fun! Although, you have A LOT of Back yard!! Love the mirror idea! Glad things are returning to normal for your family, hoping you will be able to blog a bit more now! Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings, Cindy xo

  13. It's great that you are back, Sherry! The signs turned out great and I love the mirror on your fence. Your garden is beautiful!
    xo Julia

  14. What a great-looking garden! If your mirror is in the sun, you might want to move it. It can cause a fire, I understand.

    1. I had the mirror there for 2 years and never had any issues. It had morning sun but was shaded in the afternoons. I've heard that before too but no problem here.

  15. Wow! That's what I call a garden. Everything about it is beautiful.

    Thank you so much for joining us. Happy Thoughts of Home. :)

  16. Great to see your husband in the tractor there, it brings back memories for we used to farm many years ago. You're a talented person , that sign with vegetable names looks fantastic and the garden looks beautiful!

  17. Your garden is really lovely. I like all the little touches that you added!

  18. I love all your garden touches. I hear ya on the lots going on! I sometimes just want to yell "stop!" so I can catch up. Hope all is well.

  19. Hello,
    I just loved the wedding photo you posted on IG. ;-)
    Such a lovely couple. Prayers to all.

    My favorite idea and one I will copy is the wreath. Fun!

  20. What wonderful ideas you have! I wish now that I had a fence to decorate.

  21. It's so pretty! I love the mirror, and who but you would think of that! Actually, I have been thinking about hanging a small mirror up at the little playhouse/potting bench I've been working on. Somebody is always stopping by and I think, oh gosh, I must look a mess!

  22. Oh, what a lovely garden you have created.

    I immediately noticed your mirror. My mirror stood out like a sore thumb when I planted it and now you can hardly find it.

  23. Your garden is beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  24. What a great garden!
    Love the mirror.

    M : )

  25. Hi Sherry, I'm your newest follower. How could I not follow, with a garden as pretty as yours? Look forward to getting to know you better through your posts. Happy Summer!


  26. Oh wow! This is the kind of gardening I grew up with. I have yet to replicate it to this level at my house! LOl! Yours is fabulous! I like that shot of the big garden. That would so be my hubs on that tractor having some alone time!! Men and their toys. How nice a garden you have. Love the chalkboard sign! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Your backyard is just gorgeous now but I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it! I know it will be gorgeous! Hope you are doing well. I have been super busy this year as well and have blogged very little. I am trying to post more over the summer though. Have a blessed weekend!

  28. Good Afternoon My Friend,
    So wonderful to have you back and sharing the things that bring you such joy and your ever so lovely garden!

  29. Sherry,
    your garden is amazing! There is nothing better then vegetables fresh from the garden!A green thumb is something I'm sorely lacking! I will just have to live vicariously through you!

  30. Your house looks wonderful. I'm glad I found your blog. It is very inspiring. Hugs from Spain :)))

  31. I've missed you, but I can see you've sure been busy! Love the garden mirror and fabulous chalk board! Hugs, Cecilia

  32. Wow! I have never seen such a huge residential garden! I am jealous of all the fresh corn you have. That is one of my summer favorites. I have to buy it at the store. I bet that's a lot of work to tend to though. Your husband sure knows how to garden! I adore the wreath you made out of the garden hose and other gardening supplies. That is so cute!

  33. I love your garden! I miss having one so much. We bought a house a year ago where the HOA takes care of the landscaping and gardens are not allowed. We are in the process of selling this house so we can move out in the country and have a garden again. I love the signs you made!

  34. Dear Sweet Sherry, With a garden this size it is easy to see why you don't have the time to blog. Just know that you are truly missed.
    Connie :)

  35. The garden is so beautiful. And I am so in love with that sign ♥

  36. Hi Sherry, wow your backyard looks great. I love some of your outdoor projects you worked on too! How nice to have a large garden to get your fresh veggies from. The corn field must be great and fresh corn is the best. Take care and hugs, Julie xo


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