Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dollar Tree Sign, Clearance Paint and a Black Window.

and a Target shower curtain...
Did you get all that?

I needed some artwork to hang in the kids bathroom. It needed to be long and narrow for this spot beside the window.

I came across this cardboard sign at Dollar Tree. 

I mounted it on a white board.

I added some rope around the edges just because...

This is a temporary fix until I can do better. Not too bad for a buck.

I've been itching to paint a window black. When I saw my favorite black paint on clearance at Lowe's, I took it as a sign that I should finally go for it. How often do you find a whole gallon of your favorite paint on clearance?

The color is Olympic Black Magic. It's a dark charcoal color, not too black. I made these curtains out of a Target shower curtain. I cut them down the middle, at the bottom, and hemmed them.

I added a tan rug from Ross. I love their prices!

A view from the living room. 
The next time you see this room it will have hardwood floors. They are happening now :)
I hope you were inspired!


  1. Love it! And I LOVE black windows. Maybe in my next house!!

  2. The sign is adorable! How smart.

    The black window frame is beautiful and timeless!

  3. Definitely inspired, Sherry! Love the sign and the finish - I don't think I'd change a thing!
    Enjoy your day!

  4. Oh Sherry...I love it all! That sign is such a great find...wonderful phrases to remember! The black window frame just makes that window..oh wow...I never would have thought to paint one black but it really works with those lovely curtains you created...everything looks awesome! Can't wait to see those floors!

  5. I love the rope trim! And when you said paint a window black, I envisioned the panes being painted and I was like, ok...LOL. Silly me. Love the window frame painted. It looks so pretty. The curtains are perfect too!

  6. That's the best sign for kids' bathroom!! Love, love, love the black accents you added through the curtains and painted window.
    Your home is lovely, Sherry, and I know you're going to LOVE your new hardwood floors.
    Mary Alice

  7. I would never think to paint a window black but I love it. The sign looks like it cost way more the a dollar. Good job!


  8. Sherry,
    You will love your wood floors, they add warmth and beauty. Looking forward to seeing your reveal. The sign looks like a very expensive piece, you did a fantastic job on it. Perfect for your kids bathroom and the meaningful pearls of wisdom will resonate with them. I love Black and appreciate the dramatic look it creates, your window looks delightful.

  9. Very Inspiring! However, with no wooden windows... not gonna work here! Oh well... the sign is sweet, and the curtains... how cool!

  10. Hi Sherry, you blow my mind with your amazing ideas, and they are right on budget . . . At least the budget that I have for decorating. You have the power to make a million dollar statement on a few bucks. That's Talent! Your window is the first one that I have ever seen painted black, but it works and looks wonderful, and your sign . . . well, that's why you are the Queen of budget decorating. If you didn't tell us what you spent, we would never ever guess and get it right.
    Did I ever tell you, you're my hero:)

  11. Love the sign, i will need to check out our Dollar Tree! As for the black windows, gorgeous and such a great deal on the paint!!!

  12. Hi Sherry, Yes I am inspired. Love your sign and the way you gave it a nice finish. The words of wisdom also great for kids to see everyday. Painting the window black is gorgeous. I wish I could do that here but no wood windows. You know I love black throughout my home too.
    You are going to love your new floors too. Always a joy to visit you and see your great ideas. You are amazing and very talented.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  13. I like the sash done in black. The sign in the bathroom is great! Good words, and nice piece for the wall space. Your home is awesome! I love the color scheme throughout the living room, going into the bathroom. It's sharp, and has such a crisp, clean feel. You have a good eye for decorating.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  14. It may have only cost $1 but it is a cute sign! Love the black window trim, perfect with the 'shower' curtains! Congrats on getting hardwood, I bet you will Love it!!! Blessings, Cindy

  15. I love the sign and that black window.

  16. Love the sign!
    You are a brave woman with that
    black paint...looks great though.

    M : )

  17. Oh my goodness, I'm loving the sign (great inspiration for kids), I'm lovin the sign trimmed out with rope idea, and totally digging the black trim on your window. Of course, i still love your wall,paint color, too. Lots of love. Looking great Sherry

  18. Oh my goodness, I'm loving the sign (great inspiration for kids), I'm lovin the sign trimmed out with rope idea, and totally digging the black trim on your window. Of course, i still love your wall,paint color, too. Lots of love. Looking great Sherry

  19. Aren't you just very clever. That sign looks like something you would have to pay big bucks for, Love it! And a great idea using a shower curtain to make curtains from. I just love how dramatic that looks with the window painted black behind the curtain!!

  20. Great job on that sign. It looks great! You'd never know it was from the dollar store. I love the black window. It looks fabulous with you curtains.

  21. Great, I love it! Enjoy the day honey!

    Check my last post here!
    Follow each other? Let me know and I'll do the same:
    My blog | Bloglovin


  22. Sherry, I love the sign! Unfortunately, I am totally craft deficient and have to depend on my KDS (kindergarten difficulty scale) before I will attempt crafts. What this means for me is that if a kindergartener cannot complete the project, then neither can I...LOL. Where does this project rank, between 1 and 10, on Benita's KDS??! It is adorable and looks wonderful in the bathroom! Cannot wait to see the new hardwoods!!

  23. Hi,
    The sign is perfect. :-) I love what it has to say and the rope is a great touch!
    I also love the black window!

  24. Oh la la, I love your sign and the rope was the perfect touch. You are such a beautiful inspiration, my friend. Hugs!

  25. You are so creative Sherry. Love the sign, love the curtains love it all. The sign fit perfectly in that spot.


  26. Wow--great sign from Dollar Tree! I love the black window too! Blessings, Cecilia

  27. Can you come decorate my house? Love the black window, and the curtain. I can't wait to see you new wood floors.

  28. Morning Sherry,
    So nice to meet you here in blogland, and thank you for coming by from Kris's blog and for your sweet
    comments and becoming a follower.

    Love what you did with this cardboard sign, it looks amazing, and looks so dimensional you would
    never know that it is what it is..........looks great in your bathroom, and love your curtains and the
    way you painted the window too. It all looks great..............
    Looked around your blog a bit, and loved what I saw. I love to hang plates on the wall too and love
    white dishes, my favs to collect are pitchers and creamers.
    You have a great day,
    Blessings, Nellie

  29. Oh Sherry love the sign and love the curtains you made from a shower curtain. You go girl that bathroom looks great. I bet when you get the hardwoods you will love the feel to the room. I cannot wait to see them. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  30. Hi Sherry! I just found you and spent this weekend going through your blog posts back to the beginning! I love your style and saw that I had several of the items you showed in your posts. lol I even had the same curtains you had in your laundry room before your makeover!lol What I'm saying is our tastes are the same and I got so many new ideas from you that I can't wait to start rearranging stuff!lol Thanks for blogging and giving me inspiration. Sincerely, Jeannette

  31. Hi Sherry, stopping back by to say hello and hope you're enjoying a nice summer with your family.
    Happy 4th of July.
    Hugs, cm

  32. Very nice! I love how you enhanced that sign with rope and a bigger board behind it. I like your black painted window trim too. I can't paint ours a color because the panes are inside the glass. So, mine have to stay white. The black is a great look! I'm sure you will love your new wooden floors.

  33. What a brilliant idea Sherry to add the rope - I LOVE it !!!

  34. I love the picture. And love that you found it at Dollar Tree! And the curtains are terrific. Until I scrolled on down and saw the picture I couldn't imagine black window trim, but it looks wonderful. I'm glad I found your blog. I plan to be back!

  35. Hey, I miss you! With the broken arm I have been getting around less and less but I read a lot of posts---just can't type a comment most of the time.

    I'm loving black lately, I think it looks so great with cream. The window looks just perfect and hardwood floors? Love! Can't wait to see them! :)

    Jane x

  36. I am with Jane....I missed you too :) You have been quite the busy little bee! Wow, your home looks incredible! I am in love with your floors, dear Sherry. I have been trying to talk my husband into putting hardwood floors in my craft room. I think I need to show him your pictures :) And I just love the freshly painted front door! It looks like you have a new home, my friend.

    Happy to visit your blog and I look forward to visiting again soon. Love and hugs!

  37. pretty window frame, love the black and love the dollar tree sign!
    Truly, I never see anything that cute at our dollar tree! Or maybe... I've lost my touch and creative powers!
    anyway, cute new touches in your bathroom!


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