Friday, June 17, 2016

My Backyard Garden

Today I'm sharing with you a few garden projects. This is the view from my back porch. I've decided to make a few changes this year so I thought I would show you how it used to look.

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 A friend of ours was getting rid of some wood boxes and the wood fence so this garden project was very thrifty! Another friend had a pile of dirt in his yard so we got that too. 

This is how it looked before the plants started growing.

Backyard Box Garden

Here's some outdoor projects I did for the garden.

First, I picked up this mirror at Salvation Army for cheap, painted the frame, and hung it on the fence.

Then I made a sign to hang above the mirror. I used an old board, stencils, and a black sharpie. 
Mirror Hanging in the Garden, Outdoor Garden Sign

To make a wreath, I used some dollar tree items to decorate an old worn out soaker hose that we already had. The flowers faded a little over time but it still held up great through the summer.
DIY Garden Hose Wreath

This chalkboard inspired sign was definitely a keeper. I painted a board with black paint, used stencils and filled them in with paint pens. 
Chalkboard, Garden, Outdoor Sign

It lasted through the hot summer sun and rainy days. It was still intact when I eventually took it down. 
Outdoor Chalkboard Sign, Garden

Here's a peek at our bigger garden. This is out in the field behind our house. I call it the desert. We live on sandy land and it's so hot out there in the summer.

My husband plants peas and corn in the big garden now while I have veggies in the smaller garden. It's so much easier for me! 

My husband likes to plant a lot, because he likes to plow a lot. I guess it's like therapy for him... or maybe just a man thing?

We pick enough peas and corn for us and we give the rest away.
Large Garden

The best thing about planting corn has been the kids playing hide and seek in it. They love it!

I had fun looking back at my garden. I'm ready for a new look and some new projects. 

I know I've been absent the past several months; I think things are getting back to normal. My family has had a lot going on. Several of you have emailed me and I appreciate it so much! 

My blog friends are the best!
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I hope you were inspired!
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