Thursday, December 3, 2015

How to Make a Ginormous Chalkboard

Today I want to make a confession. I have a chalkboard addiction. I just might have one in every room of my house. I tend to do that. If I really like something; I repeat it... a lot :)

How to make a large, wow, it's really big (my mom said) chalkboard. My husband did the cutting and putting it together. Please forgive me for my lack of professional directions.

Supplies: Luan plywood cut to size at Lowes.
4 Pallet planks
Chalkboard paint, roller
Short screws, screwdriver
Some kind of saw...
Lots of coffee (save the grounds)

My husband cut the planks to fit around the edges of the board. He made the triangle pieces from the scraps to put on the corners. Now that he had the pieces ready but not screwed together yet; I took the plywood inside to paint it.

I placed the board on blocks and leaned it against a cardboard box that was hanging on a nail... We do what we have to do.
It took 3 coats and 3 days because the paint has to set 24 hours between coats. 

I decided to try a coffee stain on the planks. I saved my coffee grounds, about 5 days worth in the fridge. I brought them to a boil, let it cool and then slathered the grounds and coffee water all over the boards. I painted the water on and used my hands for the actual grounds.  I set them in the sun till they dried and then swept them clean. I guess you could use fresh coffee and grounds but I thought this was the thriftiest way.

Now, it's time to put the frame together. He turned it upside down and screwed the pieces together. The screws were short so they didn't go through the front. 

He sawed this piece off the edge.

Next he placed the board (already painted) on top of the frame and screwed it down.

He carefully cut the edge off of the plywood.

Flip it over and this is what I had.

I took it in the house and seasoned it. You have to completely cover the newly painted chalkboard paint with chalk before you can use it.

Now comes the fun part! I clipped some Christmas cards onto some lights that I strung around the frame.

This was a thrifty project. Less than $30.00 and 
you know I'll have fun changing it up with the seasons.

The best part for me is, it's narrow and doesn't interfere with the dining table chair, but it still makes a statement in the room.
I hope you were inspired!
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  1. LOVE!!! Just seeing your beautiful chalkboard has given me an addiction {{smiles}} It's truly gorgeous, Sherry - definitely my favorite chalkboard ever!

    Hugs to you!

  2. Love this! I too am a fan of chalkboards and this one is awesome! The lights and cards just give it that special touch!

  3. Thank you for sharing. This is such a great idea and I love the size.

  4. This is one beauty. The frame makes it extraordinary! I also have one in my home, but I cheated and just painted onto the wall and then added foam molding for the frame.

  5. Sherry, this is just GRAND and I love it. What a statement in the room. Thanks for sharing your steps to creating this beauty. Have a great weekend xo

  6. I might have to copy this idea with a smaller chalkboard (that I saved because I knew it had a purpose). What a great idea!!!

  7. I was wowed when I saw this on Facebook! I just love it and wish I had room for one this size. I love chalkboards too. I want put one on my pantry door if it works out....if we ever get the pantry finished! LOL! Your home is just so beautiful Sherry! Love, love, love!

  8. What a fun way to say Merry Christmas and share your Christmas cards with everyone. Love the lights around it. Great job of putting it together. Your husband did a fantastic job on the frame ... love the way he did the corners. Found you at Vintage Charm.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasrues

  9. What a fabulous chalkboard idea. I love your chalkboard, and I have a small addiction for them. Sadly, we don't have one in our house, but I like using them more than dry erase boards. :)

  10. Yes Sherry, It is Ginormous! But, it is Fabulous as well! Wonderful team work, Beautiful piece! Blessings, Cindy

  11. Wow, that is BIG!!!

    Love it though. So much fun.

    M : )

  12. So pretty and festive (and big). A great way to display cards.

  13. WOW!! That looks fantastic. I love that you used coffee grounds too. Makes it look vintage. Good job Sherry and Sherry's hubby! Cheers.

  14. It turned out beautiful, Sherry! I love the coffee ground stain idea! I had no idea you had to 'season' the chalk paint - great tip. The card garland makes it look very festive. Thanks for sharing this! x Karen

  15. That looks great, Sherry! Quite the statement piece and so much fun all in one.
    xoxo, T.

  16. Sherry,
    Well I love it !!!! GInormous framed in rustic plank ... Be still my heart. Oh no I want one for my dining room. John just said oh crap - more things to make!!!
    I would have a Sunday brunch and fill that sweet board with yummy treats to eat. I too have your chalkboard addiction. My bi-fold door in my kitchen and my backsplash all chalkboard.

  17. You go girl this is awesome. So pretty. Love the cards and lights adorning this beautiful chalk board too.
    Happy Week End.

  18. I love your ginormous chalkboard....looks so beautiful!! And I'm the same way...when I find something I like, I buy it for every room...LOL Awesome!!

  19. Bigger the better -- totally awesome..Great idea to add the Christmas lights and cards.. I can see it for Valentines and Easter all decked-out.. Great look and idea..Thanks for sharing.

  20. It turned out so pretty! I love it!

  21. This is fabulous Sherry & I love your coffee ground tip! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  22. HA HA, I love your mothers reaction to it. I didn't really get how big it was until seeing it in the last picture of your dining room, that is such a cool idea to decorate it, love the neat detail on the framing, you two make a great team with your projects. I never heard of that idea with the coffee grounds, cool results!

  23. OMG I am SO doing this!!!! That turned out gorgeous! Your home is so beautiful,

  24. Hi Sherry! Just stopping in to let you know your amazing chalkboard was featured at Roses of Inspiration today. Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  25. Good morning,

    I stopped over through Roses of Inspiration.

    WOW - this is a LOT bigger than I thought - seeing it on Stephanie's blog. I thought the cards around it must be miniatures, but now I see it is because of the size of the board.

    Did you make some(or all) of these cute Christmas cards?

    I love chalkboards, too. They are so much fun to draw on.


  26. Wow Sherry, I love this chalk board you and your husband made!
    Thanks for joining and sharing how to make this with us at Cooking and Crafting with J&J!
    Julie xo

  27. Love it! I just discovered I have two gigantic, antique frames, very rustic, that have been in a closet and attic for 25 years more or less...(they were not my style back then!) and I intend to just do a chalkboard insert in them!! I am excited... Thanks for sharing!

  28. I'm obsess with chalkboards too Sherry. I love yours! I've been wanting a big one for over my sideboard...thanks for the great tutorial. I am inspired.


  29. This is such a great idea!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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