Monday, December 14, 2015

A Christmas Pallet, Curtains and a Prayer Request.

Do you love a good pallet project as much as I do?

Once upon a time a few years ago, I almost killed myself with a hand saw cutting apart this pallet. I ended up with the large part of the pallet hanging on the wall. It weighed about 5000 lbs and I wouldn't allow any of my kids to play or hang out near it for fear it would fall off the wall and well.... I didn't want to think about that so the rule of not playing under the picture pallet stood.

I loved it because it had 4 cubbies... a place to keep pictures of my 4 children. It hung there on the stair wall for about a year. Then it moved to the wall above the piano and then the piano moved, so the pallet moved...
It never ends.

Back to the story. 
The smaller part that I cut off and hurt myself over; I hung on the lower wall by the front door. It's one of those moments where I look back and say "What was I thinking?"  

Anyway, I wanted to show you how I stapled wire along the bottom of both pieces so that I could put stuff inside the openings, just in case you decide to tackle your own pallet project. 

Fast forward to this year... 

Most of my projects stem from a problem that I think I'm having... in this case, it's the lack of space on each end of our dining room table. I've hung pictures, put narrow tables etc... and nothing seemed right to me so... I decided to put this together.
Notice the narrowness...

And notice how I changed up my curtains. I lowered them thanks to Gina from Random Thoughts From An Incoherent Mind blog. Gina lowered the curtains in her living room and I was inspired! This room was always dark and I tended to keep the curtains closed because there was no privacy... I don't like being on display while we're eating dinner. This is perfect. There is always light shining in when the curtains are closed but it's still private.

Remember my chalkboard is on the other end of the table. You can visit that post here
Again, a big statement piece but narrow.

Between us, I've really not put a lot of effort into my Christmas decorating this year. It was almost 80 degrees here yesterday. 

It's hot again today, tomorrow and the day after that.

It. Does. Not. Feel. Like. Christmas. 

I made the home sign, stenciled the happy place quote, and then shopped the attic for some accessories. I don't own any Christmas plates so I used my black and white floral ones sprucing them up with the Christmas pinwheels that I made last year.

Christmas greenery and the word Happy are always a good thing.

I swirled some paint around the inside of some mason jars, tied on some twine, and added stuff from my Christmas stash.

Remember the ornaments that Julie from Julie's Lifestyle sent to me? I added them along with some rope to decorate these little pots. 

The bottom of my pallet is the perfect place for random leftover Christmas decor that I didn't use elsewhere.

I'm happy with this but to be honest I'm more excited to decorate this area for spring and summer. I have some ideas... 

I didn't buy anything for this Christmas project so I'm still thrifting my house. 
And I didn't hurt myself. Mission accomplished :)

I hope you were inspired!
Thank you for stopping by Thrift My House.
One more thing...
I wanted to ask all of you prayer warriors out there if you would add Mrs. Diana who blogs over at Nana Diana Takes A Break to your prayer list. She always asks her readers to pray for fellow bloggers and now she is in need and I'd appreciate it if you would visit her HERE and lift her up during this difficult time. Thank you so much!

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  1. I'm in love with your narrow pallets - we are always looking for skinny pieces for our tiny house.

    I love how you painted, styled and display the shelves.

    Happy Christmas!

  2. Love love love your pallet and the home sign. Soooo sweet. Love the lowering of the curtains too. I am going to have to remember that one. I love when the natural light shines in but you still need some privacy. Just swooning over your post today. Prayers for our friend Diana too. Just a difficult time for that sweet friend and her hubby. Power of Prayer for them. Happy Monday.

  3. Your pallet is very useful.
    Thanks for mentioning Diana. She always thinks of others.

  4. I really love your pallets, Sherry! I know what you mean about needing something narrow near the dining room table. I don't ever seem to have a big enough dining room for everything! :-)
    Checking in on Diana now...thanks for the heads up.
    Mary Alice

  5. Love the pallet! Great idea and great fun to decorate with.

  6. Honestly, this has got to be my most favorite pallet project I've seen anywhere! I just love the way it looks & I'm all about the big statement but narrow part. I love how it turned out, I love how you have it's perfect, Sherry!

    And thanks for the shout out...I'm glad I inspired you with the curtains.

  7. Oh, I also wanted to thank you for mentioning Diana's hero. She's a caring friend to ALL of us in blogland, many prayers going out them.

  8. Sherry you have truly outdone yourself on this great project. LOVE it!! You are so incredibly talented and this is just one in the long line of magazine ready project!!
    Yes, many prayers going up for our Diana. She is always there for everyone so now it's our turn to pray for her and her hubby John who needs the prayers going forward.
    Thanks for sharing. xo

  9. This is so cute and so festive! I love it and you did an awesome job. I do like the placement of the curtains! And yes, praying for sister had this when we were kids...not fun at all! Hugs!!

  10. This is awesomeness...pallet project! I am in love with it!Thanks for sharing.

  11. Sherry you have amazing talent - your use and imagination with pallets blows my mind! Prayers being sent up to heaven for Diana's Hero.

  12. Beautiful pallet it!
    Sending prayers for Diana. xx oo

  13. It looks just gorgeous Sherry! It is the perfect narrow display piece. I am still loving that chalkboard too! I've heard of Nana Diana but haven't been a follower. I am off to find out what is going on and will definitely add her to my prayer list.

    Hugs, Vicky

  14. Great project!
    80 degrees---way too HOT!!

    Prayers for your friend.

    M :)

  15. I really like the way you decorated it. Looks very pretty! Of course we all at pray for Nana Diana and her family! Hope they are strong to fight these disease!

  16. You are so talented and creative! I love how pretty your house looks! The pots look so nice and perfect with the ornaments!!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful week. Julie

  17. Sherry, I love, love, love your narrow pallet idea and the way you have decorated. That big chalk board and your curtains, having the wreaths above each curtain is just so lovely. Girlfriend, you are amazing! I would love to turn you loose in my house . . . you are just brimming over with charming ideas . . . Beautiful!!! Merry Christmas.

  18. Oh Sherry, love it all! I have a little pallet that has been stashed away til I could figure what to do with it...You have inspired me. Love all the Christmas touches. Now headed over to Diana's.


  19. This turned out SO amazing! I love it!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  20. Dang. (biggest compliment ever) Your decorating skills are fabulous!!!

  21. I really love what you created, Sherry! The pallet project turned out wonderful, perfect for the space and usable all year through, cleaver!! Have been praying for Diana and John daily, so very hard! Many blessings, Cindy xo

  22. It all looks beautiful. Merry Christmas and sending prayers.

  23. I could never make something that would turn out that pretty. It looks beautiful in that spot. I've tried sawing apart a pallet. Those things are hard to work with...and heavy!

  24. Hi Sherry,
    Thanks again for mentioning me on your blog. Also for joining our Cooking and Crafting with J & J. We love having you. I hope you have a nice weekend and a Merry Christmas.
    Julie xo

  25. I just love how you decorated for Christmas and such a great idea when you need something slim to fill a spot and so much room to show off your items too!


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