Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lets talk shelves... along with Hometalk.


Remember this? 

You know, the time I took the doors off of my laundry room cabinets so that I could hang a pole and add various containers for storage? If you can't remember, you can see it here.

Well... the folks over at Hometalk asked me to curate a board of shelf ideas and share it with my readers. 

So I did. 

But first, I want to share a few shelving ideas I use in my home.

A while back, I took the doors off of my kitchen cabinets to help lighten up the kitchen. You can see it here.

Yes. I have a pallet rack hanging on the wall. Doesn't everyone?
I stapled chicken wire to the bottom of my "shelves" so that I'd have a flat surface for my pictures to sit on.

What about a shelf over the bed?
But of course you know the shelf isn't there anymore because I did a bedroom makeover. 
You can see it here.

I later moved the same shelf to the dining room above the buffet.
This is one of my favorite spots in my home to decorate.

I have this shelf above the TV in the bedroom.
I haven't yet quite figured out what to put on it.

Do you like dressing up your shelves?
We all know a shelf is more than just a shelf.

 This small shelf below my mirror in the living room is the perfect place to add a little something something.

Stacking shelves anyone?

Did you know that photo boxes fit perfectly on those shoe racks.
Here, I've stacked two shoe racks and transformed them into some crafty (and thrifty) storage shelves.

When I first started blogging, I added a shelf to the bottom of  this old chair. I used to have this sitting in my bathroom by the shower.

 I know this ironing board is more like a table, but it reminds me of a shelf because it's long and narrow.

 I hope you enjoyed a few of my shelf ideas. 
I say, if you have no idea what to put there... 
Put up a shelf.

For more shelf inspiration, visit my board at
I hope you were inspired!
Thank you so much for stopping by 
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  1. Such wonderful ideas.. I have been trying to get hubby to build me a shelf here now
    for a couple of weeks. smile.. Your decor is lovely.. xo

  2. These are all such wonderful ideas, Sherry! You definitely know how to make a shelf look fantastic, too. I'm amazed by the shelf you added to the chair...very clever!

  3. Sherry, you are amazing!! I agree with Gina, you know how to make a shelf fantastic :) I love and I mean LOVE the open song books on the white shelves....I may have to do that on the shelves by my piano.

    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration. Hugs to you!

  4. I love shelves and you have some great ones, Sherry! So many wonderful ideas and cute ways to dress up your shelves.
    Mary Alice

  5. Oh Sherry love seeing all your shelves and how beautiful you decorate them. What a great amount of inspiration here. Hugs.

  6. Love your bedroom now, that shelf idea under the chair is neat, I may have to do that with the chair in my bedroom and that old ironing board makes a great shelf!

  7. Good Morning Sherry, this post is wonderful and I can not wait until I'm finished typing this, so that I can visit your Hometalk board. I love all of your ideas and the way you have decorated the shelves. My favorite was the shelf under the chair idea. That is amazingly creative. I have a chair in the mud room by the back door and a basket beside it for our dirty work shoes. I hate how it looks, but with a shelf and a bin tucked under the chair, it would hide our old dirty work shoes. I love it! Thank you.
    Please come visit and join in on my three year blogging birthday Give-A-Ways.
    Have a lovely day . . . now I'm off to Hometalk.
    Connie :)

  8. Your laundry room and that pallet shelf are great! I am a lover of shelves but try not to have too many, because then I would be shopping more to fill them up! I'll have to stop by your Hometalk page!

  9. Hi Sherry, I love all your shelf ideas. You are amazing and yes I am truly inspired. The chair with the shelf for towels is an awesome idea and I love the ironing board too. Love all the pics on your pallet shelf. Off to Hometalk~
    Happy creating and decorating.

  10. Hi Sherry! Can you please come to the Little Shack and put up some shelves for me??? lol! Love all of your ideas and how creative you are! I'm hoping to add some new shelves here too, and yes, I will do it myself..if I have to...I guess. The Little Shack has so few places to store things and not many closets, so I'm having to get inventive to find new places for old things. These ideas will definitely come in handy! Hugs-Sue

  11. Holy moly...you are like the shelf queen!! Not only do you have many shelves, but you know how to decorate each one!! Very nice work, Sherry!

  12. Sherry, I am impressed! Love all of your creative shelving & great job on your Hometalk board! Blessings, Cecilia

  13. So many great and inspiring ideas. I love, love, love your stalked shelves. Thanks for sharing Sherry.


  14. I adore that ironing board, and your laundry off to check out your board.

  15. Some fantastic ideas Sherry. Have to head over to Hometalk now for a follow! PS...I received a card in the mail!!! So cute. Cheers to your girls Sherry!

  16. Love your motto, when in doubt, hang a shelf!! You have some very creative shelf ideas. Attaching chicken wire to the pallets, brilliant; adding a shelf to the bottom of a chair, super brilliant!! Off to check out your board on home talk.

  17. I am about to go check out your board. You are the shelving queen for sure! LOL! I'm looking for some good ideas for bathroom shelving...thanks for some direction!

  18. Those are some really neat ideas.

  19. Love all your shelves! Shelves are such fun to decorate! I have plans for several this year in my home. We have so many plans and no time to get started! Fantastic ideas and great inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

    Blessings, Vicky

  20. These are all such neat ideas, Sherry! I love how you added a shelf to the chair for towels. Such a unique idea. I also love the ironing board! What a great find!!

  21. Love these ideas! You always do such an awesome job, you dining room area is my favorite!
    So nice.

  22. Those are all good ideas. I don't have any shelves in my home that are free standing like that. I like how they look though.

  23. Wonderful ideas and inspiration. Great post!


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