Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Before and After Laundry Room Cabinets

 Open Cabinets and Storage.

How I made over my laundry room cabinets.
 Here are 3 things I want to share with you today.

1. Simplifying storage using what you have.
2. How to make homemade numbered tags.
   3. An organizing system that's easy to follow.

Remember my laundry room cabinets? How I removed the doors so I could hang a pole. How much I loved the new look?  I played around with vignettes, painted laundry bottles, stacked vintage dishes...

It was so much fun. The laundry room was officially OFF the radar.

It started to feel cluttered. So much stuff. I was over it.

 Across the room, the cabinets overflowed.... I'm a bit of a paint addict and having to empty an entire cabinet to find one particular thing was putting the laundry room back on the radar. 

It was no longer working for me. 

I needed a plan. What do I want? I wanted my open cabinets to be pretty but I also wanted them to function as storage. 

I need organization! 

I shopped the house and attic and found 15 baskets etc... that were large enough for storage.

My family liked them like this (except the cardboard boxes of course) But I didn't. 

I wanted unity. I wanted them to be as one.

So I primed and painted everything but the galvanized metal. 
Metal can do no wrong in my book. But I did add a white stripe to them. You know, for the unity thing.

Spray paint cans. Can we just talk about that for a second. If you store them in a cabinet, then you're aware of what it's like finding the one can you may or may not have... or is it just me?

I had several boxes that were the perfect height for the cans. 
And best of all, they were free.

Now for some pretty. I think numbers are pretty. Maybe I'm weird.

I decided to number all of my storage containers. I used these dollar tree foam squares. 
I painted them with primer several times, and then stenciled my numbers onto them. I love the brush marks the primer (or cheap brush) left behind.

Because I can't leave well enough alone... I decided to add these faux knots. I wouldn't be afraid to say that this is an original idea... 

I mean WHO would actually put fake knots on their dollar tree foam tags??? 


I made 15 tags. I had many doubts about how these tags would turn out. They didn't lay flat...some paint was chipping off...(and by now, I was sick of them) but I had so much time invested...

I couldn't turn back.

I pretended like all was going just as I had planned it and used hot glue to attach my pretty numbers and...

I could not be happier with how they turned out. 

This. makes. me. happy. 

Now, THIS is just some of the junk that is hidden in storage. 

This chalkboard tells me what is where and where is what. 
This is located behind my laundry room door. So far, I love how this is working for me. 
And I have 3 empty containers for when I need more storage. 

One more look... BEFORE.


Have I been thrifty with this makeover? Absolutely. I spent $2.00, and the rest of the stuff I already had. How's that for Thrift My House! Thank you so much for stopping by. 
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  1. Hi Sherry, WOW I love it. You did an amazing job pulling it all together and unifying the storage. No clutter here, it just looks fabulous. The added knots were the perfect touch with the numbers. You made a 2 dollar makeover look like so much more. Yes, that is for sure, Thrift My House. I bet you are so enjoying this. Love it!!

  2. This is fantastic, Sherry! I love how you painted the baskets, I never thought of doing that, and the knots on the number tags REALLY make a nice difference! I am going to remember this. I have a date with my laundry room at the lake this winter! ;-)

    Jane xx

  3. Definitely a neater, cleaner look!! Love the numbers...and the little extra knots on each one. :-)
    Mary Alice

  4. Oh Sherry!!!!! I love this what a great job. You really pulled it together and I love that you reused things you had. That is awesome. Love all the number tags so cute. Not only thrifty but very organized too. Great job! You rocked this out girl!

  5. Sherry, you are a thrifting genius! I love the new storage and having a guide to tell you where it all is...brilliant! I like the "after" so much better. I thought you used string to fasten your tags on. (Pretty tricky girl!) It all looks lovely and now what room will you be re-painting??? LOL!

  6. Sherry come do mine, that looks beautiful and for $2, lady you are one clever chick. I love that you kept some spare boxes. Your laundry looks fabulous well done.

  7. LOVE this look! My laundry room is just a hideous closet. It's on my list of things to tackle.

  8. I love it Sherry! I think the organization system with the chalkboard is genius, and I agree that numbers are pretty. Amazing job!!

  9. Sherry, this looks amazing, not to mention how creatively handy and organized it is. The unified look with white and the numbers is just so pretty. Love the whole look and idea. Great inspiration!!

  10. Sherry, this is amazing! Now I have laundry room envy ;) You did a beautiful job! Blessings, Cecilia

  11. I just didn't think you could improve on your old look but you totally did it! LOVE IT! I guess I'm a little envious of your organizational system. I might come over and change the numbers on you and maybe write on your chalkboard.... that would definitely make me feel better about my mess!

  12. Love it! The transformation is great and you can actually use the space to store things now. Pretty is good, but pretty and functional is way better. The tags turned out great too! Thanks for sharing...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  13. Hi Sherry, I liked the before but the after is fabulous as well and more practical for storing "unpretties". Like you, I love numbers and they look great on your baskets and other containers :).

  14. Your creations are so Wonderful! love your numbers and your improv is awsome. love the card board to

  15. Oh how smart!! Unifying all the containers with the numbers was pretty brilliant. It doesn't look cluttery at all. Clutter is so weird because what bothers one person doesn't bother another. I would need containers too. :)

  16. Love it! Just one question: why do you keep lint in #15? I'm assuming that is trash or do you 'thrift' that as well? Some people might, you know!! Beautiful cabinet! Blessings!

  17. Your clutter was tasteful. Mine looks like clutter. But I do like what you did with the baskets. Great job!

  18. Well I must say that I also loved the "before" look! You are so clever to come up with a great looking way to store items that are useful, but not necessarily pretty. I love how you did it so inexpensively too. My laundry room is organized but not pretty to look at it. Luckily it's just a walk in style closet, so I don't really treat it to being styled.

  19. I must admit I love both your before and after. But the after is definitely more efficient. So much more storage and organizational capability...and you did it all for only a couple of dollars. Great job. Wishing you a great weekend Sherry.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  20. Now that's what I call organization! I won't even tell you about how bad my laundry "closet" is....I love this!

  21. This is amazing!! LOVE every detail!

  22. I loved the before...but love the organized look of the after, too! Good job! It looks wonderful!

  23. Hi Sherry, I have so enjoyed viewing your fabulous laundry room once again. I see things I missed. Everything is so well organized. I love it.
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet visit.
    Have a great week.

  24. Oh my goodness, you are really organized! I love that you made everything coordinate too.
    It was nice before, but great now.

  25. Oh Sherry - this would be the laundry room of my dreams - really !
    It's all so organized and BEAUTIFUL on top of that - great job!
    Congrats on the feature over at Savvy Southern Style
    Love ya,

  26. clever and neat looking.. This is so what I needed to see today! Wow-wee -- totally in LOVE with these ideas --- you have my head spinning thinking of which ideas to use. Just moved into a small apartment and I have a shelf above the washer and dryer and the washer and dryer are in a closet style with bi-fold doors ( you can see it on my blog).. so now I am in the mood to do something like you have shared on today's post -- thank you tons..

  27. I love it! I found you via Wow Us Wednesdays and wanted to invite you to our link up ~ The Art of Home-Making Mondays. We are looking for homemaking, homeschooling and homesteading posts. Have a lovely week!


  28. wonderful!! Wish I could do that! Love the unity and the chart that tells where everything is.....good job! Nancy

  29. Oh, my goodness!

    love . . . love . . . love the entire look and I am taking away a few ideas for my garage shelves.

    Make it a great day!

  30. I just love your new look. Well done have a great week.
    Greetings from South Africa

  31. You're a genius, and this is awesome. Of course, I laughed out loud when I read that you installed a pole in your laundry room. :P Then I was like, "Oh, THAT kind of pole..." =D


  32. You are so creative! I love the clever way you made and attached the tags. Your open shelving looks so nice. I loved the before picture too. You gave them a stylish new look.

  33. This is such a must do! Looks so great! Would love for you to come share it on our very first Pretty Preppy Party that just went live. Your basket organization project will link up on 5 blogs ... fab! http://being-bianca.com/2014/09/18/introducing-pretty-preppy-party/ xx, b @ being-bianca.com

  34. I really like how this all came out! Wish I had a laundry room to make over....LOL I will be featuring this post on Tuesdays with a Twist on my blog this week so please stop by for a peek. Have a great week. :-)

  35. I. Love.This.!! Love the numbering system and the cohesive look of the white. My laundry room needs serious help. Pinning!

  36. wow! how laundry room cabinets can be looked neat once? This really magic

  37. Love, love, love this!! It looks amazing! (I love numbers, too, btw!) Great job :)

  38. I always like the vintage and old wicker laundry basket and also the galvanized one, cool...


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