Friday, December 19, 2014

Thrifty Christmas Decor

Sometimes I feel like Minnie Pearl with a price tag hanging off my hat. I love the thrill of the hunt and I love sharing it with you. I'm all about making things pretty while NOT spending a lot of money.

Most of my decor is either from a thrift store, something I found cheap or on clearance ... 
or I made it myself.

It's not that I can't go out and buy something new; I really don't want to. 
Being thrifty makes me happy and it saves my family money.

I was so happy to find this coal bucket for 4 bucks.

This bench is one of my favorite thrifty finds. 
($7.98 at Goodwill)

No, wait, this ironing board is my favorite thrifty find....
($9.98 at Goodwill) 

I picked this basket up for 10 cents. 

Almost everything on my mantel came from a thrift store.
 You can see my mantel post here.

All of these plates came from the thrift store.

So much of this is thrifted. You can see my Christmas Buffet here.

Although I love a bargain...The BEST things are free!
I hope you were inspired!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Slipcover Review and My Christmas Plate Wall

The red and white Christmas decor is everywhere in blogland.
I personally LOVE it! And I've been very thrifty incorporating it into my home this year. 
The plates and shelf are thrifted. 

I made this red and white garland.

I. Love. White. Plates.

Candy canes and Christmas balls in dollar tree glasses.

I wanted to share my thoughts on this Overstock slipcover.
I picked it up last year, less than 50 bucks. I love the look of white and decided to try it. I wasn't expecting too much for the price and it serves the purpose. I've washed and dried it many times. It doesn't appear to have shrunk any.

Here are a few shots of the fit. When I'm looking to buy something, I like to read reviews from people who've actually tried the product.

By the time it's covered with pillows and throws, it's all good.

It's in the wash as I type this because a certain 12 year old spilled orange juice on it..... 
yep, it serves the purpose.
 I hope you were inspired!
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Monday, December 15, 2014

A Thrifty Centerpiece.

I've always struggled with centerpieces for the bar and dining room table. 
I love pretty but I also need practical. 

Do you see what I see? Besides ugly? I picked these up cheap. 
I liked the size and I instantly knew what I would do with them.

 I took them apart, sanded, and painted. Then I nailed them back together.

Do you see the pretty? And the practical? 
My daughter bought me these little bird salt and pepper shakers.

I love the size of these boxes. They don't take up much room 
and they're easy to move whenever we start our baking. 

The red and white really make it festive.

 I used the other one on the dining room table. 
Can you believe I picked up this beautiful jar for 2 bucks?

I look forward to changing this up season to season. 

 I hope you were inspired!
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

2014 Ornament Exchange

 This was my very first time participating in 

I received this beautiful hand painted Santa from 

Isn't he adorable?

This sweet Santa fits in perfectly with my homemade ornaments.

She also sent me these Christmas cards that SHE painted.
This lady has some serious talent!

I love these cards so much.

A sweet gift!
This was so much fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone got. 
I hope you'll visit Vicky and Cecila.
Both of these ladies are so sweet and talented.

I hope you were inspired!
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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Buffet 2014

Christmas Buffet 2014

Keeping it simple.
I hope you were inspired!
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

No Sew Christmas Pillows and a Blanket

How to Make NO SEW pillows... and a blanket.
This is for all of my no sew friends. Yes, YOU can do this.

Here's a tutorial on how to make a small pillow. You do the same thing for a bigger pillow or a blanket..... so easy!

You will need some fleece fabric. You will need 2 layers stacked.
You will also need some good scissors. Cut the shape a few inches larger than you want the final project to be. This gives extra fabric for the ties. 
Cut a square out of the corners. Then cut your strips for the ties as seen below. 
Do not stress this... this is a forgiving project.

Add your pillow form. I used 2 hand towels because I decided to do this tutorial at the last minute... Tie the corners.

 I suggest that you find a comfy seat and tie all the way around the pillow. Tie them very tight (in a knot) so you don't see your pillow form. 

Now you have the cutest pillow ever. I LOVE the texture. So much more fun than a boring old sewn pillow. For those of you who are very crafty (Danni) you could decorate the front.

I also made a blanket. First, I washed and dried the fleece so that I'd be able to wash this in the future. I didn't measure. I just cut the width of my scissors all the way around. Sadly, I had to sit on the floor to cut and tie this all the way around.... I'm too old for this.
 Ibuprofen was needed.

I LOVE my new pillows and blanket. See my tootsie roll bolster? I just rolled some fabric around my pillow and tied the ends. I'll remove it after Christmas. Quick and easy!

I have enjoyed decorating this Christmas more than any other. I think I might have found my Christmas decorating style?? 
This is random, I have to paint the french doors this coming year. I'm itching to paint them black even though white is the obvious color... we will see. 

I have a few more projects to show you. Some odds and ends. I hope to finish up my decorating this week. I hope you'll come back to visit. 
I hope you were inspired!
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