Friday, December 19, 2014

Thrifty Christmas Decor

Sometimes I feel like Minnie Pearl with a price tag hanging off my hat. I love the thrill of the hunt and I love sharing it with you. I'm all about making things pretty while NOT spending a lot of money.

Most of my decor is either from a thrift store, something I found cheap or on clearance ... 
or I made it myself.

It's not that I can't go out and buy something new; I really don't want to. 
Being thrifty makes me happy and it saves my family money.

I was so happy to find this coal bucket for 4 bucks.

This bench is one of my favorite thrifty finds. 
($7.98 at Goodwill)

No, wait, this ironing board is my favorite thrifty find....
($9.98 at Goodwill) 

I picked this basket up for 10 cents. 

Almost everything on my mantel came from a thrift store.
 You can see my mantel post here.

All of these plates came from the thrift store.

So much of this is thrifted. You can see my Christmas Buffet here.

Although I love a bargain...The BEST things are free!
I hope you were inspired!
Thank you for stopping by Thrift My House.


  1. Your thrifted goodies are have a great Goodwill to shop! Love the red and white on your pretty! And that coal bucket next to the bench...well, they're both amazing finds. And yes, that ironing board is so fun. Your home is filled with so much charm and love!
    Merry Christmas,
    Mary Alice

  2. Hi Sherry,
    I love all your thrifty finds. You make thrifty beautiful. Sweet pic of the kids by the tree. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Looking forward to a new year of friendship shared.

  3. All of your thrifted pieces look so nice in your home. The ironing board is my favorite too! Merry Christmas, my friend!

  4. You and I have so much in common! I love the thrill of the hunt and finding that perfect peice. Often I find the perfect thing and I wasn't even looking for it. We would have a blast thrift shopping together...although with our shared love of white dishes, we might be fighting over! Seriously though, your home is just gorgeous! I always leave inspired! Have a blessed weekend.

    Hugs, Vicky

  5. Sherry, you are too young to know Minnie Pearl. LOL. I love everything you have shown us. You are right to be thrifty. Why waste money. I have decorated mostly with thrift store finds and recycled. I like cheap pricing not cheap have done a wonderful job. It all looks fabulous. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. Hi Sherry, I tell ya, I love your decorating. You inspire me to redo my house!! LOL
    I just love your shelves and the red and white is my fav this season.
    Have a nice weekend.

  7. Sherry, I so share your sentiments about thrifting! Love all of your festive finds! Merry Christmas! Cecilia

  8. You sure know how to put all of those thrifted things together to make them look elegant! It's the thrill of the hunt for me....I have a few items on my thrift list that have been there for years...and I'm still excited about the possibility of maybe finding them every time I walk into a thrift store!

  9. Love it ALL, Sherry! I am with you on the bargains. I'll spend on something that I'll keep long-term, but for holiday decor, it has to be cheap. That coal scuttle? Perfect!

  10. i WANT TO GO SOPPING WITH YOU! Wow, everything is just gorgeous, and the way you display it all is fabulous. I love the buffet with the white ironstone, sign, and spoons. Love it! Have a happy and blessed holiday season.

  11. I'm with you on the thrifting Sherry. Nothing pleases me more than getting something for a bargain, and I'm very patient and I'll wait until I find that thing I'm looking for rather than buy new. It's the fun of the treasure hunt that I really enjoy. You put everything together so nicely Sherry. I love it all!

  12. I love thrifty finds, especially for Christmas! The bench is wonderful with the nativity on it but I'm loving the basket for 10 cents, that's a steal! May you be blessed with a wonderful Christmas!

  13. I LOVE thrifting makes me happy to save money! Love all the great vignettes you have created... I hope to blog soon and show a few of my new 'finds' but MY favorite is the angel--has copper wings, and I love Copper! Come visit my blog tomorrow! Hugs!

  14. Like buried treasures or finding a diamond in the rough, I love thrifting, too and wish we lived close enough to go thrift hunting together. You have such a way of pulling all your thrifty finds into beautiful vignettes. Thanks for the inspiration, Sherry!

  15. Just beautiful Sherry...and you are right! The best things are free! Merry Christmas.

  16. Oh that coal bucket - AND the ironing board are perfect !!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Sherry !

  17. You are inspiring a Sherry I paid $30 to get your ironing board look :) still thought I scored, of course I'll have to put it together at some point.

  18. Oh Sherry , I feel exactly the same way. Who says you have to spend a lot to make a home beautiful? If you walk around our petite cottage you'll discover many thrift store, garage sale, clearance treasures. I have a window mirror like the one you have over your mantel that I picked up at a garage sale for only 25 cents!!!! Love the thrill of the hunt too. Loved all your treasure finds.



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