Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Washington DC

Country done gone to town...
This is the last post of our 3 day whirlwind trip. I hesitated to even post about this day because honestly it wasn't my favorite.

After spending a day in Pennsylvania (we stopped by Arlington on the way to PA the first day) and then Lancaster (the second day), a day in DC (the last day) was very different.  I enjoyed seeing the monuments but what I did not enjoy was having no idea where we were going... short on time... the traffic... all the people.... it was overwhelming for a small town girl like me. 

I. like. small. town.

After a spending the afternoon in Lancaster, we headed to Greenbelt, Maryland to spend the night before our final day in Washington DC. After arriving at our hotel, we discovered that our room was not ready. We discovered this AFTER entering the room. There was disgusting evidence in plain sight.... quickly whisk the kids out, call the main desk.... get a new room.... feeling kind of gross... want to go home and sleep in my own bed... I am tired of hotels already. Thank God for sleep and a better attitude the next day...

And you know... the thought crossed my mind.. "Don't you people know I'm a blogger and I will spread this lack of cleaning our room on time to every one of my 126 followers."  LOL!

The hotel staff were very apologetic and gave us a coupon for a free breakfast the next morning. Whatever.
After an okay nights sleep and breakfast without coffeeeee...... (long story) we headed to DC.

OH MY GOSH! Can you say traffic. I don't like traffic. It was unlike anything I've ever been in. We finally made it to the parking garage. Ignorance is bliss they say.... very true.

We walked to Union Station. Not too bad. An interesting place. We had to take the Metro, my first time ever riding on one. 

We stood and stared at the Metro ticket dispenser thing... like deer in headlights.
A nice man came over and helped us. We were so thankful... and then he asked us for money... because he helped us - we owed him... not the southern hospitality that we're used to. 
We gave him 5 bucks.

I have to admit this was cool. 

Kind of like riding on a bus but faster. Don't laugh.

We made it.

I was looking forward to visiting the Holocaust museum.  

This was the only photo I took inside. Photos were allowed but it didn't feel right. You have to visit the museum to understand what I mean. It's hard to believe that people were treated this way. Horrible.

The man that led our tour kept reiterating, they had a choice. He was speaking about the ones who mistreated, tortured and or killed the Jews... lots of examples and photos... very thought provoking.
We were there for a few hours but you could easily spend the entire day. 

After leaving the Holocaust museum, we walked ... and walked ... and walked. We finally made it to the Lincoln Memorial.

I enjoyed seeing this in person.

We sat here for a while. We were disappointed there was no water in the reflection pool. Again... there was no water in the reflection pool....

The Korean War Memorial was something to see. I bet it's cool at night with all the lights shining. 

Now this is something we don't see everyday.

World War II memorial. I didn't take a lot of photos this day... when your feet hurt and your dying of thirst.... you really don't care about photos.

Washington Monument. This was a pretty view.

It was a long day of walking. I think a bus tour would have been more enjoyable. We had only one day to spend here and you can't walk but so fast... lot's of people were riding bikes. All in all, it was okay. If we should go back again, we'll definitely have a better plan.

We finally made it back to Union Station. It's sort of like a mall. They had Starbucks! 
Thank you Lord!

We ate. We rested. We started our journey back to the parking garage... in the WRONG direction. It was getting late, it was about to rain and we found ourselves walking in a residential area.... nothing looked familiar. We looked like idiots.

We turned around, backtracked and finally made it to the van just as it was starting to rain... 

Cue the music....

I like calling North Carolina home!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I appreciate you guys so much. It's been a busy time here and I'm behind on visiting your blogs. I promise to catch up with you soon. 


  1. Wow Sherry you really had a trip!!!! Sorry DC was not as great as the rest of your trip. DC is always soooo crowded. Seemed like one thing after another for you guys. Glad you made it safely back home.

  2. I did DC with 250 middle school students!

    The Holocaust Museum was one of my favorite things, an odd word to use so I will change it to "most meaningful" things I saw.

  3. I can certainly relate, Sherry. I have been to DC just once, many years ago so some of that stuff wasn't even there when I was there. All I remember is all the traffic and people. Was able to see some memorials and would have enjoyed a guided tour (on wheels) better, that's for sure. Like you, small town is my thing...actually, I'd give up the small town for a an old farm house out in the country in a heartbeat...just want running water....and A/C....we gotta have our A/C in NC, don't we?? :)

  4. Whew I'm exhausted for you, Sherry! So much to see and do! We enjoyed hiring bicycles and rode around the Basin to see the monuments! The kids enjoyed that but like you I was SOOOO disappointed there was no water in the Reflecting Pool!
    Bet you were glad to reach home and sleep in your own bed!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Sherry, looks like your trip had some missteps but over all a nice time. You did get some wonderful photos. I've been twice for my art work to the WH and we took the hotel tour bus the first trip and it was wonderful. The next trip we toured our self by car and it was even better. Traffic is heavy and there is a lot of people especially this time of year. We went both time in December. It is magical at Christmas and less people.
    I imagine you are glad to be back home. I know I was too even with everything going good.
    Happy May.
    Hugs, CM

  6. Great photo shots that you have shared of your trip.. I have yet to go to Washington DC. I have been awfully close to DC - but like always not enough time --- which seem to get into the way....

  7. I have heard it takes a lot to get around to see all the sights in DC. I think I will just read about it... I am not a fan of crowds. At all! Doesn't look like they care for the area, with no water in the Reflection Pool. Hellooo?!?

  8. I enjoy your honesty. :-) Thank you for sharing.
    You took some great photos.

  9. I have not been to see DC in years. I want to bring my children there. Sleeping in your own bed always feels so good after being away. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  10. DC is so large and yet has so much too see. I think at my age a tour would be the way to go. Thanks for sharing your experience. and YES it's always good to get home!

  11. I just had to laugh, I am a small town girl too. Ever since joining the Air Force we have visited many large cities, right now we live in a very populated area but it still has the feel of small town if you can believe that. We had a very bad experience there too, while my husband was in the Air Force he had to take a trip down there so we decided that we would all go, after he was done with what he had to do we would visit, well we drove into the city, boy was that a bad idea. We finally found a parking space, and went walking, when we came back to our car we had a $75 ticket I think it was, this was over 10 years ago. Said we were parked in a spot that wasn't suppose to have parking during rush hour. Well our meter where it would have said that was torn off, so we took a picture of that with our van in the background. We had to walk down half a block before seeing a sign that said no parking between those hours, we fought it and they just came back saying not knowing the rules is no excuse, so it was a very expensive trip. At least you did it the smart way and took the train in. It took us over 3 hours to get out of there with all the traffic. I would say of London, Paris New York, Washington D.C. my favorite and most enjoyable trip was London, Beautiful city with great architecture and easy to get around on the trains and buses. You captured some great photo's there!

  12. I am so glad to see your post today. Oh me too , I am a small town (old) girl. That traffic in the D.C. area is as bad as L.A. I loved seeing the monuments too. I am glad you did get to see them all. You are right, one must make haste getting it all in. I want to tour D.C. again and that that tour of Gettysburg, once more. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  13. you got to see so many wonderful things! I've never been to any of those places before. i live a very sheltered life, I tell ya! thanks for sharing these great pics with all of us. I enjoyed the cyber tour!

  14. You're right--DC is a LOT of walking! At my old school I took the 8th graders every year. We did the whole 9 yards, and by the end of the three days, I was ready to keel over.

  15. Looks like a beautiful city but I am with you on sleeping in your own bed and staying away from crowds and traffic. Home sweet home! Thanks for sharing your adventure and beautiful pictures Sherry! PS... What was the name of the hotel?

  16. I love your blog, but have to comment about DC. I just got back from there myself and my experience was completely different except for the traffic.It was HORRIBLE. I fortunately wasn't driving.lol I found the people friendly and very helpful. They could tell we were "lost" and help was offered. I was so surprised at how kind the taxi drivers were and we had 4 year old and an 8 year old. I would have been upset over the hotel. Maybe you will enjoy your next visit better. I personally loved it.

  17. Oh Sherry, what an exciting trip! And how blessed you are to see all of this in person. Thank you so much for sharing some of your photos with me...you have given me a new yearning to see all of this in person :)

    So sorry about your hotel experience....no fun! Happy Mother's Day, sweet friend. Hugs!


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