Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Visiting Lancaster was such a treat!

I thought of you guys a lot while visiting the junk shops.

Wouldn't this be wonderful to own!

There was so many places to shop... so little time... and NO room in the van to bring anything home.

This would be a perfect place for my garden tools. It looks like it wouldn't be too hard to build...

I love this rustic parents used to live in a log cabin so this type of furniture always catches my eye.

We only spent a few hours shopping in order to make time for some back road Amish views. Enjoy!

A friend of mine suggested this restaurant. She didn't tell me we'd be eating elbow to elbow with strangers...
It turned out to be a wonderful experience for our family. And the food was delicious!  And yes, there was shoo fly pie!
We spent about 4 hours in Lancaster... NOT enough time! 
I hope we can go back one day for a real vacation.

I hope you were inspired!
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  1. My mother-in-law is about an hour from Lancaster, so we've been a few times. Maybe it's time for another trip!

  2. What a beautiful place to visit. It sounds like you had a great time. xxx Maria

  3. Lancaster County is so beautiful!!! Your photos are fantastic, Sherry. It's home to my side of the family, so we go often!
    Mary Alice

  4. It would be fun to have an old outhouse to use as a potting shed. I think I would enjoy going there.

  5. How fun and what great scenery along the way through Lancaster. I bet you had the best food. Glad you had a great trip.

  6. One of my favorite place to be is Lancaster County! You got some fantastic photos of Amish farmland and buggies! And what about those stores? they are chock full of treasures!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. My daughter is fascinated by the Armish culture and really enjoyed this post. I love the gorgeous drawers, I would love to have that in my house too! Take care x

  8. Love the photo of the clothes on the line. They look way up there, she must have a pulley system or something. Also, that outhouse . . . I have been thinking about building one outback for garden tools . . .
    I think it would be adorable. Did I just use the word adorable to describe an outside? LOL

  9. Hi Sherry, Love the countryside pics and the Amish Buggies. We saw a lot of this when we lived in Indiana. Did you eat at the restaurant? I know the Amish prepare wonderful meals.
    I would love to shop there. Look at all those treasures. The drawer cabinet is incredible.
    Hope you get back there again. Lancaster is a wonderful place.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. We have been going to Lancaster County for many years. You really need to go back especially during the summer and spent a few days. I love going when the Amish set up roadside farm markets during the summer months.

    To really enjoy Lancaster county make sure you get outside the main tourists areas and tour the countryside. On Fridays, there is the Green Dragon flea market and many Amish and Mennonites are there selling their wares.

    While restaurants such as Good & Plenty, Millers and Plain & Fancy are great, they cater really to tourists. I would suggest you stop by Dieners in Ronks, PA next time. Its a smaller local restaurant that is run my Mennonites and they also serve PA Dutch food. There you will see many Amish and Mennonite families eating and more locals. Its very reasonable and has a great fresh buffet or menu dining if you prefer.

  11. Beautiful photos Sherry! I love is so interesting to observe the Amish culture. I think that is the same restaurant I ate at with my son a few years ago. Not certain though! A coule years ago, my daughter, mother-in-law and I went to Pennsylvania to visit my brother-in-law and his family and we went across the border to Ohio to the Amish country there. We stayed in Millersburg and it was just as gorgeous as Lancaster. There were so many thrift stores! We had a blast shopping them and I found so many wonderful things in them. I hope to go back someday! Thanks for sharing your trip...:) Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

  12. beautiful country and great photos favorite photo is the horses plowing in the field.

  13. That is an area of the country that I have always wanted to visit! It just looks so beautiful and friendly! And, needless to say, so much shopping! You are right, I'm sure 4 hours was NOT enough time, but at least you got to visit a bit! Such pretty country! Blessings, Cindy

  14. What a wonderful trip and how cool to see horse drawn carriages. I am fascinated with those small drawer units. If only you would have had a truck or a horse drawn wagon!!

  15. Looks like fun and you got a lot of ideas I am sure, we went over there when we lived in New Jersey 10 years ago, back then I visited a lot of quilt stores :)

  16. Surely you had room to bring home that outhouse!

    I want the library files.

  17. I really enjoyed seeing these pics! Looks like a wonderful trip. I loved the Amish community pics. How beautiful their land is.

  18. It looks like a place I would love to visit! We visit family in western Maryland, very near the PA and WV lines... and often go to PA and peruse a few shops... Always loved that part! I don't quite understand what the building is with the pony on the steps going in, and the garage door one floor up!?! Huh??

  19. I've alway wanted to explore this area - the countryside is so pretty! Love all the shops, too....I would have had to rent a U-haul to haul some of those treasures home! Love the Amish laundry on the line. xo Karen

  20. Oh I would have loved to go junkin' there! Great photos!

  21. That shot of the barn with the pony on the steps is my favorite. Never been to Lancaster and never tried the shoo fly pie, but I'm adding it to my bucket list. Hope you all make it back for a real vacay!!

  22. We are getting ready to travel to the New England area on business and I am so looking forward to visiting the shops in the area. So many treasures and so little time!! The Amish and their lifestyle are fascinating to me. I often wonder what it would be like to live that way, but know that I would never survive without a blow dryer. :-)


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