Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mirror Gallery Wall

About a year ago, I decided to add a mirror gallery wall to my bedroom in the hopes that it would add some much needed light.

I collected these from local thrift stores for cheap. I ONLY bought the cheap ones. I didn't measure or plan where to put them. I just randomly placed them to where they looked good to my eye.

And then I looked at them for several weeks.
Even though I liked how this looked, I decided that for the long haul, I would like them better painted white. Imagine that.

Most of the mirrors had permanent frames so I had to paint around the mirror.  I used index cards to tuck in underneath the mirror frames like this.

Then I taped some paper in the middle like this.

I used my stash of white paint. I painted some of them with gloss and the others with matte. 

Here is the finished look. This wall sits behind a seating area in my room. I have 2 chairs that are getting makeovers... whenever I figure out what I want to do to them.
I really like how this turned out. And best of all, every single mirror came from a thrift store. 

I hope you were inspired!


  1. Sherry, your mirrors look amazing and the index cards is a great little tip. Thank you, I will certain put that into my memory bank. I love visiting your blog and seeing all the projects that you do. I don't have a big budget for decorating, but I don't think you need one. What you need is imagination and elbow grease. Oh, and paint helps, LOL. Your home is decorated so lovely and everything is unique and shows your creative ability. I love that! Thanks for always sharing your ideas . . . they are appreciated.
    Connie :)

  2. Wow! what a great display! they do look great all painted white and you've arranged them so well! I love the wall color too. Is it a kind of dove gray?
    Happy thrifting and creating!

  3. I am inspired! The wall above my couch is just dull and maybe a collection of mirrors would be the thing. Now to start collection!

  4. Such a fabulous idea, painting them all white just made it all come together even though there are all different styles, and so much better that you recovered them from a thrift store!

  5. Oh I really like this, Sherry. I have done something very similar to this. All of my frames 9cheap from Goodwill) are painted a dark color...almost an oil rubbed bronze but I have been wanting to change it lighten it. I still haven't decided yet... I love the look of the white but with my current decor, white wouldn't work. I may just have to change everything else so it!

  6. Oh so gorgeous as it adds beauty and invites light into your room. My SIL did this same concept in a bathroom and it was fascinating.
    Enjoy your Holiday weekend.

  7. You simply can never, ever go wrong with white :-) Love, love, love, you mirror gallery.


  8. Hi Sherry, this looks fabulous. I love the same color for all the mirrors pulling the look together. Great wall gallery and really a beautiful style. Have a great holiday weekend.
    Hugs. CM

  9. Girl, this is beautiful! I've pinned and intend to be a full fledged copy cat!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! Dona

  10. Sherry,
    You rocked it out with this project. Love the mirror wall so pretty and so creative. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. You know I love mirrors, so I'm loving how you styled this wall!! What a terrific way to brighten up a room.
    Mary Alice

  12. Sherry, that is such a clever idea with the index cards and paper!!!! The mirrors look so pretty all white, now may I ask, did it create more light??? Awesome project, girl

  13. Love this idea!
    I am glad that you painted all
    of them white. They look great
    on the grey wall.

    M : )

  14. GORGEOUS Sherry !!!
    I have a slight obsession with mirrors ( not looking in them - can't stand that ) but hanging and the way they bounce light in a space.
    I'd love to do this on my stair wall...............
    Just beautiful

  15. Hi,
    I am totally inspired. I love how you found all of them at a thrift shop too. Cool.
    I love the white, great idea.

  16. I love how your wall turned out Sherry. It's absolutely beautiful! I do prefer them all painted the same colour. It looks fantastic. I have an upstairs hall that could use some bouncing light. One day I just might do this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Sherry, you clever lady getting them painted and up, they look awesome! I'm just crazy about the white! I am inspired and so want to try it too!

  18. Yup--I am inspired! I love thrift shopping, especially when I have a goal in mind! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Yes! All white definitely allows the eye to rest on the area and not be trying to find a place to land! I just love that you found them all on the cheap :) It sure does make a project a lot more fun!! Enjoy a beautiful Memorial Day! Blessings, Cindy

  20. I love this! It looks so pretty! xo Karen

  21. This is such a great idea! Our house is "darkish" in some spots and I'm always trying to figure out how to make it brighter. Mirrors do the best job but they are expensive. I like the way you collected and made a grouping.

  22. Gorgeous collection! Your wall looks beautiful. xxx Maria

  23. Looks great Sherry! We really are kindred spirits-- I refreshed my dining room wall a few years ago also using thrifted frames and mirrors I painted white! Great minds...;)

  24. Having all of those mirrors in matching white frames really helps give it a cohesive look. You can no never go wrong with using mirrors together.

  25. Oh my gosh!
    I love your index card idea.
    I usually end up cleaning the paint away with polish remover. Ugh.
    The gallery wall looks amazing-


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