Friday, November 21, 2014

#10 - Yarn Ornaments

12 Days of Homemade Ornaments.

Yarn Wrapped Balls...

My Mom had foot surgery and had to stay put for a while. One day while I was visiting, she helped me make these ornaments. We had so much fun with this project. These ornaments will always be special to me.

For this project you will need: yarn, scissors, styrofoam balls, twine, glue gun, and spray adhesive (not shown).
(This picture is definitely upside down.)

Insert and hot glue a loop of yarn into the styrofoam ball.

I sprayed the ball with adhesive and carefully wrapped the yarn all around the ball. The adhesive helps to hold the yard in place so you can get started and keep wrapping it until it's nice and full. I warn you, this is not as easy as it sounds. You have to keep the yarn wrapped tightly around the ball and evenly spaced.

Even though this project was challenging,
I LOVE these! In a bowl, on the table....
or hanging in a row.
Yarn Wrapped Balls!

I hope you were inspired! Thank you so much for stopping by
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  1. These are adorable! I know my kitty would enjoy them too :) Happy weekend! Hugs

  2. These are adorable . . . but if you had a cat in the house, these could be a problem, LOL

  3. Those are really cute Sherry. I can picture them in a bowl too.

  4. Hi Sherry, I just love the yarn ornaments and how wonderful they look filled in a bowl. I know it's nice easy to do as sometime I wind my yarn while crocheting and it is a challenge to keep nice and round.
    Love your color combo. Hope your mom feels better soon and has a prompt recovery.
    Hugs and have a great weekend.

  5. Cute! Cute! Cute! I didn't see the styrofoam at first and I was thinking how long it must have taken to get the ball. Much better. I'm gonna be looking for me some yarn.

  6. Love these too! I have seen wreaths made out of them as well. What a fun project for you and your mom!

  7. I really am loving all your photos with your creations on a garland. These are just as cute as all the others! Of course I am pinning!

  8. So cute! I love these as a garland :)

  9. Well, I am now caught up again.
    These are not as easy as they look, You
    are right. I've tried to make wrapped ornaments
    before and get very frustrated.

    Yours look great!

    M :)

  10. Ooh yarn I have, I hope your mum is doing better these could be done in many colours and be used year round.

  11. These are really pretty. Love how they look in the bowls (and your various bowl ideas, too). Yes, my cat would love these, but It would be worth it to make a few extra for him to play with. Pinned!


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