Friday, November 14, 2014

#5 - Paper Ornaments

12 Days of Homemade Ornaments.
Paper Ornaments...

These are pretty hanging on the tree but you could also make a garland with them. There are so many different ways you could change them up. I hope you will have fun with this project!

For this project you will need: Scrapbook Paper and your choice of Fabrics or Washi Tapes and a large embellishment for the center. 

First you will need to cut your scrapbook paper in half. 
Decorate both halves the same. When you put them together, you want the stripes to match up. Below, you see 3 examples.

After you add your stripe of tape or fabric, fold each side back and forth accordion style and then bend it in half like you see here. 

Fold both halves of the scrapbook paper. Now, tie them together and glue the edges together so it looks like this. Now you can see why the stripe needs to be exactly the same on both halves of the scrapbook paper. It make a circle when you're done.

I used a variety of washi tape, lace, burlap, garland, and tulle.  
I added a dollar tree snowflake to the middle. 

A pile of pretty.
Paper Ornaments!
I hope you were inspired! Thank you so much for stopping by
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  1. I've actually made these before :) they're always festive no matter what the occasion.

  2. I made these one year but without the snowflakes. I like those! Very pretty!

  3. Those are so cute! My son loves to make stuff like that...need to show him.

    Thanks for your sweet comment about my white pitcher. :)

  4. So pretty! I bet they would look so nice hanging in front of a window.

  5. This is such a fun series, Sherry. Love all of your creativity!
    Mary Alice

  6. This is so fun to see what you come up with. These would make a great garland. Happy Friday my friend. Enjoy the week end.

  7. I love the glittery snowflake in the center - very pretty! I am really enjoying this series, Sherry, thanks for your hard work.

    Happy weekend!

  8. These are so pretty Sherry. Kris is so right. they would look amazing as a garland. I'm enjoying seeing all your ornaments.

  9. 'These are really cute, Sherry. My sweet DIL made some last year and used them as decorations on the top of her packages. I thought it was such a sweet idea. I like that you have made ornaments out of them. xo Diana

  10. You are amazing. Love these too. I did some fan styles last year as ornament cards with circles on the back to write a message, or for a tag. Love your papers.
    This is a great series.
    Have a nice weekend.

  11. So cute! You are really impressing me with all these wonderful ornaments, Sherry!

  12. SO pretty, Sherry! I agree--they would make a fabulous garland! Blessings, Cecilia

  13. It's so much fun to see how those are made. They turned out so cute. I like how you changed up the front of them too.

  14. Oh Sherry, I really like these. I want to make a Christmas banner for the fireplace and these would be perfect to incorporate into it. I'm getting excited! When I have it done and hung, I will be sure and put a link to your post :)
    Happy weekend, Connie
    P.S. I am delighted that you are doing these 12 days of hand crafted ornaments . . . You Rock!

  15. I love these! Did I tell you I finally gave your book page ornaments a try?

  16. These are very pretty Sherry! I pinned them so I can use up some of that scrapbook paper I've been hoarding! Cheers!

  17. They are great!! ... and it looks easy! I like easy. : )
    Have a great weekend.

  18. Good Morning--
    Sorry for the delay of getting back over here.
    We have been under the weather and I have not
    been on the computer.

    Your ornaments are delightful ! Some of these might work
    for a school project. I'll study those at a later date.

    Thanks agin for joining Dreaming--come by soon.

    M :)

  19. How do you get any sleep - I bet your mind is spinning -- love your ideas - I am planning to make the snowman's for sure and I will share it when I do.. and might do the birds not sure yet.. but I love them..
    But today is great also - I love color but this year I am going for a kind-a old feel last color -- with not some much brightness - so I like the four you show today that are not so bright..they would works nicely - now to find the paper. Most of my past Christmases I've had bright colors of reds and golds and the greens...
    Love your ideas..

  20. Those are looking so pretty.. I didn't try this before. Thanks for sharing this.. jaslynn, Bizbilla


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