Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#12 - Picture Ornaments

12 Days of Homemade Ornaments.


These are special. My babies! Need I say more?

For this project you will need copies of your favorite photos, fabrics, glue, and embellishments.
 Cut your fabric into a photo mat. I used some cardboard a little smaller than my photograph as a template. Now glue the mat onto the front of the photo. You don't have to sew around it for this project, but I like how it looks.

Pull some fringe and add a hanger to the back.

Add embellishments.... 
 Memory Lane.

I hope you were inspired! Thank you so much for stopping by
 Thrift My House.


  1. These are beautiful. I made ones like that when the kids were in school and I still put them out at christmas time.

  2. These are so special! Christmas memories in the making! Happy Thanksgiving Friend!

  3. I love picture ornaments. I cherish the ones my kids made me when they were little. I have some small vintage frames that I thought about turning unto ornaments. Have a blessed day!

  4. You did it! All twelve Sherry and I loved everyone, including this one. What wonderful keepsakes for the tree! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Set a place for me cause I am one hungry girl. What's for dessert? Oh and I'll bring wine! Cheers.

  5. awww, now they're the sweetest of all, your babies.

  6. Oh you had to go and break out a sewing machine didn't you?? LOL! These are cute and maybe one of these days I'll try out my machine!

  7. Precious, Sherry, the stitching add such a nice homemade touch. Pinned

  8. Photos of our loved ones used in ornaments are so special! Love these!!
    Mary Alice

  9. Lots of fun.

    Great ideas, will be back for
    some of the ideas.

    M : )

  10. What a lovely idea, Perfect for a small christmas gift! Thank you for inspiring me.
    Have a happy holiday season and all my best from Austria

  11. These are very special . . . and what Christmas is all about . . . children and family:)

  12. Such a sweet idea, a tree full of precious memories.

  13. I have to show my SIL how to make these..she will love making them for the girls!


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