Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Removing Chalk Paint

Remember this? 
It used to be oak. I chalk painted it white a year and a half ago, 
back in the fall of 2012... (don't tell Suzan, but I didn't wax it)

I didn't take the mirror off when I painted it. It never occurred to me to take the mirror off. Why would I? I just painted around it.

I decided that I wanted a change.
I wanted to use the dresser for my TV. I took the mirror off and of course there was a heavy ridge of paint where the mirror sat.
  I decided to see if just maybe...I could wash the chalk paint off and start over... just for fun.

Amazing huh? maybe not? It took only a few minutes... I used soap and water, wet it down, scraped and scrubbed it gently and the paint came right off. 

This was so much easier than trying to sand down the ridge and match up the paint. The chalk paint didn't mess up the surface of this dresser at all. 
And it was on there way over a year!

I'm going for a lighter look in the bedroom. I re-chalked the top and WAXED it. 
I painted the knobs satin nickel. 
Stuck the TV on it and Done.

I'm not saying this is something you should do.. I just thought it was interesting. For some reason, this made me love chalk paint even more.

*** This will not work if you have waxed it ***
Wax or Poly sets the paint.

I always learn something new every time I paint.

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  1. I have the stuff for my first chalk paint project, but haven't actuallly tackled it yet. Any advice? -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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