Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Valentine's Day Vignette

So I decided to decorate for Valentine's Day. 
I've eaten my share of chocolate on this day, but I've never decorated. So this is a first for me and I have to say, I had fun with it. I promised myself that I wouldn't overthink things this coming up year. After all, you already know I'm going to change it up... for nothing stays the same around here.

How pretty is this?  When I started out, I had nothing red. Nothing but a red candle that I had left over from Christmas.

So, I went shopping and spent a whopping $3.00 at Dollar Tree.
I picked up a banner and 2 packs of red styrofoam hearts.

  I made a runner out of some red checkered fabric that I found in my stash and layered a white scarf down the middle of that.

I shopped the house and found a few things.  I have plenty of white "stuff" so I decided to layer random things inside a dish. I do this a lot. I love grouping things together.

I used a necklace to dress up the red candle. 
These kissing angels came from Goodwill. 

 This is one of my favorite birds. I call him grumpy bird. He has nothing to do with Valentine's Day, I just like him.

 My kids bought me flowers for my birthday a few weeks ago.
I stuck a few in this mason jar. Simply pretty.

 I made this wreath from several old Christmas wreaths. It reminds me of a boxwood wreath, I think it works anytime of year. I love the look of greenery on the black chalkboard.

I made this chalkboard out of an old painting. I flipped the painting over and applied about 3 coats of chalkboard paint. I painted the frame a glittery gold color. It's really pretty in person.

This is the first thing you see when you enter the dining room. It really makes a statement. I've been collecting white pitchers for a while now. You can never have too many white pitchers, right? 
Almost everything you see here came from a thrift store.

Lets be honest here, this is what my Valentine's vignette looks like today. I'm just not a fan of busy color. I took down the banner and I took the red hearts off the wreath. I like the small pops of red with the mostly white decor. 
Less color makes me happy.

So what do you like? Lots of color or not so much?

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