Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Floors!

Welcome to my new blog. I hope you will follow me here.

About a month ago, we had 3 new floors installed. FREE!
I'll explain in a minute... but first, I've always wanted a black and white floor in my kitchen. LOVE!

This is sheet vinyl. Vinyl is not my first choice but when it's free....
who's going to argue with that.

I had this installed in the laundry room and my kids bathroom.
It is hair, lint, dirt and dust friendly.
My kind of floor!

This is the before. Kitchen on the left, brownish floor to match 
the orange-ish cabinets. Laundry room in the middle; same 
pattern but green. The kid's bathroom on the right; same pattern 
but grayish tan. 

So here's the scoop. WARRANTY. See the orange-ish swirls in the floor? This is called bottom up staining. It's the glue that the company used underneath the floor. It discolored the floor over time. These floors were only 8 years old but the warranty is for 30 years. I wonder how many people actually take advantage of their warranty. 
This has happened to us TWICE. This is our 2nd time having floors installed for free. The first time the floors were 12 years old when they started to show stains. 

So exciting to see the old flooring gone!

New floors!

I love the black and white floor. 
Yes, I have to sweep and mop it daily. I make the kids walk on the black squares...HA!  
Dirty feet, the perks of living in the country.

I am so happy with the gray floors! This is the laundry room, it gets a lot of traffic but it never looks dirty. You know I'm itching the paint the walls now.

With 4 kids using this bathroom, you can imagine how dirty the light colored floor got. This is very forgiving. My youngest son calls this the castle floor. 
I love how it looks with the white cabinets. 

My favorite look is the kitchen. My kitchen is not a walk through. You pass by it to get to other rooms. This is the view from my bedroom hallway. 

This pattern made the kitchen seem a little smaller which was fine; there is a lot of floor space in my kitchen but not enough for an island. 
I still struggle with the cabinet color. I know we will paint them eventually but they're just not priority at the moment.

I encourage everyone to check out your floor warranty before purchasing new floors especially if you're having issues. Call the people who made the floor, the floor company who installed them and then call them again until they agree to honor the warranty.

The trouble that you go through is worth several thousand dollars. 
Just so you know, it took us a several months of phone calls.

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  1. That's so awesome that you got them for free. They look great. Good for you for being persistent!

  2. Your floors look wonderful!!! I really like what you chose for your kitchen. And for free...can't get much better than that!
    Mary Alice

  3. Love it I want it too. I've seen the sheet vinyl how hard is it o install? Btw love that ou make the kids walk on the black squares lol.

  4. Hi Sherry! So glad you stopped by my blog today! Yes, it looks like we are neighbors...I am central NC, between Greensboro and Durham. It looks like you are busy doing some wonderful projects at your home. Love the black & white floor too! Thank you for following and I am returning the favor! :)

  5. Great looking floors, Sherry! I have always loved a black and white floor. We had one in our house in Florida and I was thrilled with it. Glad to see your old blog back!

    Hope you have a great weekend. xo Diana ps. The last link on My Ever Changing Home goes to a thing that says No such blog and that the name is available for purchase. Just thought you might want to know. The first link works fine-that's how I got here.

  6. I just followed you over here. I love the floors. We are having some installed in our kitchen later this year. Good to know about warranties.

  7. Just beautiful Sherry!!!
    I'm laughing my head off over walking on the black squares only - I'm going to try to pull that on John today!
    Happy weekend!

  8. Well those updates look excellent. I particularly like the new gray floors. Vinyl works, and with the right pattern the upkeep is easy.

  9. Awesome! Love the vinyl. I have vinyl in my kitchen. It does not show dirt and is easier to clean. Good for you in getting what you need. Love the black and white.

  10. I think the floors look awesome, and free is always great. I definitely think sheet vinyl has its place, and it's easy to keep clean, which is important in my feline inhabited world.

  11. I just recently found your other blog. I really enjoy it, I will gladly follow this new one :-) Love all the new flooring!



  12. Love your new floors! Also love the diagonal layout in the kitchen. Of course you want to paint...again!! LOL! I have had that problem with linoleum and had no idea it was a warranty thing. Wish I had known.

  13. Wow, that's interesting about the warranty! The floors look great! I love the 'castle' ones (so cute he calls it that :)

  14. Oh I love the floors and the warranty is unreal. The black and white for the kitchen is perfect.

  15. The floors look fantastic!! And I wondered if you'd thought about painting the cabinets after seeing the black and white floor. :) Love the new blog look!


  16. Hello friend!

    Love the new flooring! Can't believe the warranty! What a bargain!

    Happy Memorial Day to you!

  17. They're beautiful, Sherry! I've long had a love for black & white checked floors.

  18. I love your new floors. The grey and white checked floors look so pretty in the kitchen. My grandmother once had those in her kitchen.

  19. Sherry, I love you blog and will be your newest follower! My goodness, the black and white kitchen floor looks like home! Sorry you had this trouble with the floors but great that you pursued the warranty! Beautiful new floors!


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