Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Sign for my Mom- Happy Mothers Day!

I  have a sweet Mama. Anytime I say goodbye and love you... 
she always says, love you more.

She asked me to make her a sign for Mothers Day. And of course I did. I started with this piece of baseboard I found up in the attic. 
I decided to stain it.

I think this is the first time I've stained a piece of wood... 
I usually paint.

I stenciled the letters on and let them dry for about a hour. 
Tip- if the paint bleeds underneath the stencil, try scraping the paint off with a toothpick.

I then sanded over the letters for a rustic look.

I put a fine coat of Minwax over the whole board.

I think she'll be happy with it.
I love you Mama! Happy Mothers Day!

And Happy Mothers Day to all of you!
I hope you were inspired.
Thank you for stopping by Thrift My House.


  1. Sherry,
    This is such a sweet and great gift for you mom. She will love it. Happy Mom's Day. Enjoy.

  2. I'm sure your Mom will love the sign, Sherry. It's very beautiful!
    Happy Mothers's Day!

  3. I love your sign.

    It has given me an idea. Whenever I do something for my daughter, I say, "don't say I never do anything for you!" It is an inside joke with us. I think I need to put that it a sign for her.

  4. A perfect gift . . . she is going to love it:)

  5. Hi Sherry, what a special gift for your mom. Love it!! She is going to love it too.
    Yes, I am inspired.
    Happy Mother's Day
    Hugs, CM

  6. A very special gift.
    xx oo
    Happy Mother's Day to you.

  7. This is freaking adorable and how creative that you used a piece of wood trim. Your mom sounds so sweet, God bless her, Happy Mother's Day Sherry xo

  8. Hope you had a spectacular day!

    I am sure your Mom will enjoy this sign.

    M : )

  9. Absolutely love this! How wonderful!

  10. that is the cutest sign! I love that it has special meaning to you and your mom too. i bet your mom loved it!

  11. What a cute sign, Sherry! I know your mom must have really loved it...also hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  12. Very sweet, I am sure she just loved it... I have some baseboard left over from our bathroom re do, may have to think of what to do with it, your stenciling is very good for all the layers you had to work with in the wood

  13. What a fabulous sign! I'm sure your mom loved it.

  14. Sherry,
    I love learning of special sayings between Mom and Daughters, sweet. I know your Mom adored your sign as your gift, it's easy to purchase a present but when it's handmade from the heart the gift is priceless.
    Sherry I want to thank you for visiting me and leaving behind such a sweet comment.

  15. Love the sign, Sherry!! What a special gift to your mom.
    Mary Alice

  16. Love it Sherry and I know your mom did too! How special that you used a phrase you say to her but you also made her gift with your hands. :) I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day too! Have a wonderful week!

  17. Oh Sherry,
    That's what I say to my daughter we she tells me "I love you" too. You have such a sweet momma. The sign turned out awesome. I bet she'll love it.


  18. That is just the best Sherry! I love that you were able to recycle and I have to say your stencil work is pretty amazing. So hard to do on a "not flat surface"! Love that saying too! Hope you had a fantastic Momma's Day!

  19. What a great idea to use what you already had, Sherry! I'm sure your Mom was happy with this "sign" of affection from her sweet daughter.
    Have a fun week.

  20. This is awesome---you did a great job, Sherry. I always say the same thing to my kids! :)

    Jane x

  21. I loved this post and the sign is wonderful.

    My mother used to say "I hope your team wins".

    I miss her.

    Enjoyed visiting,


  22. LOVE this Sherry - what a great idea !
    Like Blondie - it's what I always say to my kids - I should make them each a sign -
    Beautiful job!

  23. What a sweet and special gift! Hope your Mother's Day was special! xo Karen

  24. Love it! And I'm inspired... now if I just had some time!!


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