Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Inspiration 2015

It's finally here. Cooler weather! I love everything about fall... Except the countdown to Christmas. I'm not quite ready for that!

Here is my low to no budget 2015 fall decor. I shopped the house and pulled it together. I love decorating with natural elements. Rusty, crusty, lots of texture, and!

This is the buffet in the dining room. 

We raise and sell waterfowl and other birds, feathers galore. Perfect for fall decorating.

This is the mantel.

Deer sheds, dried hydrangeas, and cotton bolls are in the mix. Chicken feeders on top of terracotta pots for height make perfect sense to me. 

Recently, I picked up this large basket at the thrift store. I think I want to stain or paint it. It needs to be darker or maybe white? In the meantime, I tossed in the extra decor stuff I wasn't using and displayed it on the coffee table. I love a collection of random stuff.

What about corn??? This was so easy. Leaving the shucks attached make this corn look amazing. What a pretty color!
I tucked the silk down in the bottom of the vase, nestled the corn inside, and set the whole thing in some chicken wire. Okay! So I was feeling creative...

Here is last years mantel.

I enjoyed this "buffet" in my dining room for a few years. I recently changed the dining room around and moved this to another room. Time for change! Yes, I decorated it for fall only to disassemble and move it 2 weeks later... For me, when inspiration strikes, I roll with it.
 (2014 fall decor)

The maple leaves are starting to turn colors. This is my real leaf wreath from last year. 
You can see how easy it is to make here.
If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I've been working on a pallet project for my dining room. I can't wait to share all the details with you here on the blog. Happy Fall Ya'll!

I hope you were inspired!
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  1. Hey Sherry! Gorgeous! Love your buffet and how you displayed your corn! Blessings, Cecilia

  2. Hi Sherry! Your mantel is so fun! The buffet is gorgeous and the basket of random stuff is the cherry on top. I'm with you, I love baskets of collected things. xo, T.

  3. Your fall decoration looks great. And oh my how I envy you all those feathers for nothing, haha.
    Hope you have a nice day.
    Love Elzie

  4. I saw your pic on Instagram with all the feathers and loved it.

    Your real leaf wreath is so pretty. It makes me yearn for the endless supply of leaves at our old house. We know the people who own it now and maybe I should go by and ask if I can take some. People actually used to stop and ask me for leaves.

  5. Replies
    1. Sherrie your fall decor is simple, yet beautiful. I love using nantural elements too. I was just reminded about my leaf wreath I made last year the other day when I noticed all the leaves fall. Remember how I stole your idea?? I loved it! Happy fall!

  6. Wow, Sherri! You have such a flair for arranging a display! Your buffet in fact all your displays are fantastic! The colors work so well together!
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Hi Sherry, Love your home for fall. Everything is displayed perfectly keeping with a natural style. You are so talented with your vignettes. Thanks for sharing. xo

  8. Beautiful, Sherry! I love your mantel and your buffet, too. Who would have ever thought that corn could look so fantastic displayed that way!

  9. Love how you decorated for fall, it's beautiful!

  10. Natural looks great.
    Love the " real" leaf wreath
    stayed so pretty!

    M : )

  11. Your style is always spot on! I love all the natural decor you use. I especially love all those feathers! How nice to have access to them right out your door! I can't wait for you to share more about your pallet project! Hope you are doing well...:)

    Hugs, Vicky

  12. Wow...I love that you shopped your house for this and it's not the cliche fall decorations...everything is a little rustic and natural and full of textures. Now that is fall! Love your buffet and I'm going to have a peek at how you made the wreath. Love everything!!

    Jane x

  13. Hi,
    I love the corn. What a great idea.
    All of it is lovely.
    Happy Autumn,

  14. Love all the natural elements Sherry. So pretty, especially the feathers and the corn. I love fall too! I remember that fall wreath. It was amazing!

  15. Oh my goodness, I just love it all! The feathers are a fabulous addition to your fall decor! I have a friend that gathers stray feathers from her chickens, but she never shares, lol! I'm quite jealous! :) I really like the corn in the wire planter too! Job well done! ~Rhonda

  16. Love it all sweet Sherry. The feathers are fabulous. Happy Fall to you too.

  17. That looks AMAZING Sherry!! You just have that knack!! You need to come and shop at my house and pull it all together.

  18. Oh wow I love that you use stuff from nature in your decorating, that is so cool. Creative idea with the corn that is neat and your wreath is just amazing!! Look forward to your pallet project!

  19. I LOVE all the natural elements Sherry - just beautiful ( and the corn is just brilliant )

  20. I really do love the natural style you have chosen for your home this fall. It makes everything feel so welcoming! I'm sure you and your family are very comfy in your beautiful home. Blessings, Cindy

  21. Sherry,
    your fall mantle is perfect! Love all the natural elements you used! How lucky you are to have your own constant supply of feathers, they are gorgeous! I use feathers also, my son-in-law hunts and from time to time brings me feathers from his birds. You have a great collection of deer sheds, they look great mixed in on your mantle. Love it all! Great job!

  22. Love all your decorations and the white furniture is lovely!! I am your new follower!! Thank you for your visit and following!

  23. Sherry,
    Boy you said it, things lots of us love - "Rusty, crusty, lots of texture and cheap"! I too enjoy doing random displays, it invites exploration and engages conversation. Your mantel is Fall perfection and how I adore the use of feathers. Of course with your business you have the prime pick. I have over the years tried introducing feathers into my décor in the Autumn months only to watch my two cats steal and maul the feathers to death. So I've given up but so adore it in people's décor.
    Sherry thanks for your sweet comment left on my post, I do try to post everytime words to ponder. Love your mantel now sit back and enjoy all your creative efforts.

  24. A. You have your own source of feathers? How cool! You could sell them on Etsy.
    B. That's a wonderful huge basket. I vote for paint or stain. In a way it reminds me of a bread bowl.
    C. Sure do appreciate the low to no budget thinking. :)

  25. I like autumn above all seasons. And I like the corn decoration very much :-)

  26. Oh My Goodness! Sherry, your home looks amazing. I love, love, love your feathers and the chicken feeders with cotton and the way you displayed that corn with the chicken wire and, oh my, even that sweet little bunny hiding under the table. Truly the prettiest and most creative fall decor I have seen this year. Girlfriend, you sure do know how to pull everything together and make it shine. If you have feathers like that just hanging around, may I suggest a feather give-a-way . . . I know that I am not the only one that would treasure such a prize. That was pretty bold of me, I apologize if I'm talking out of turn. Do you sell them? They just scream Autumn and Thanksgiving is such a beautiful way :)
    Have a wonderful week.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  27. How neat that you have so many bird feathers to decorate with from your own property! I love all of the natural elements you used on your mantel. Using those are my favorite way to decorate for the holidays.

  28. Oh Sherry everything looks great. Love the feathers and that wreath made out of real leaves is absolutely beautiful. Have a great weekend.


  29. Wow! I love your natural/rustic mantel for Fall, Sherry! It's truly beautiful! You are a pro at mixing textures, and elements to come up with a lovely display for the season.
    Have a great weekend!

  30. I absolutely love all your treasures! I have always loved thrift stores and charity shops. So much can be found in them and it is a lot of fun to look! I also love the Autumn, and not just because my birthday is in the Autumn (October 27th), the cooler temperatures, the changing colours of the leaves, the beauty. You have a lovely blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  31. You did a great job just shopping around the house. Love that leaf wreath!


  32. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your fall decorations! Those feathers are gorgeous! How fortunate you are to have easy access to them. I bet you have easy access to some sticks also, right?! ;-) Going to find and follow you on Instagram!! Hugs!!


  33. Love the whole blog. I wish my house, my blog looked this great.
    Miss Ann @


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