Friday, February 20, 2015

Decorating the Top of the Kitchen Cabinets.

Neutralizing the Kitchen

I've always wondered what to put on the top of my cabinets. There's just enough room for a dinner plate leaning vertically. I've tried just about every combination of everything you can think of, and I always grow tired of it after a few weeks.
I played around with the cabinet color on PicMonkey. In other posts you can see that they are much lighter and orange.
Let's decorate!
This time, I'm using all black and white. These colors have stood the test of time for me. I have so many black and white things, I only had to shop the house to pull it all together.
Let's start at the corner. I made this 'EAT' sign years ago. The duck and the cookie jar are thrifted.

More thrifted items. Notice I used white items inside the different metal baskets. The cabinets stop at the window and start again on the other side.

I made the bakery sign a few months ago.
At one time, I had removed the cabinet doors on each side of the sink. I liked it for a while, but then it started to feel cluttered.

The chippy baskets and the white dishes are simple.

Going around and across the top of the fridge...
Another sign... can you have too many?

This ends the cabinets.

I like this better than anything I've tried in a while.

When I brought this rusty basket in the house, my husband looked at me like I'd lost my mind... I know YOU understand.

I found a huge bunch of faux fern recently and I tried to make a wreath...
it's harder than you think!

My cabinets need painting or re-staining or something. The ones at the bottom are faded. The polyurethane is splotchy. They have an orangy look to them. I haven't made up my mind what I want to do yet. I love white cabinets, but I'm not sure I want to clean white cabinets. I don't hate these, but I don't love them either. For now, I'll work with them the best I can.

Check out our new mailbox. I picked it up at Michaels. I had a gift card and a coupon. I paid $12.00 for it. Confession, I saw this and walked around the store looking for stuff I could use to make one myself. 3 baskets, a board, some numbers... done???
And then I decided to just buy it... I rarely do that.

So what's your opinion? Painted cabinets? Stain a darker color?
I say when in doubt, do nothing...
I hope you were inspired!
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  1. I think you did a beautiful job decorating the top of your cabinets and I love that metal basket. I always have a hard time also, never been really happy with the decor I have up there. I have also been debating about painting my cabinets but I am so worry about not doing it right. It is a big job! I wouldn't even try staining them, we have never been able to stain anything and do it right. It is harder than you think. :) Your kitchen looks beautiful Have a great weekend. Maria

  2. Love the way the top of your cabinets look now That metal basket thing is wonderful. I would have bought that, too.
    Painting or staining is a big decision. My daughter had oak cabinets and they took the doors off and took them to a cabinet shop where they painted them for a very reasonable price and then she just painted the stiles with the same color paint herself. They looked like custom made cabinets when she was done and it was a cheap fix to get a "new" kitchen.

    It's funny how things come and go though. Years ago everyone lusted after oak cabinets and now it is all painted or dark just watch....oak will come back into its own when the "nostalgia" generation gets their own homes and remember the one they grew up in. lol xo Diana

  3. I, personally, would paint them! Not that I am a painted-cabinet pusher (since I didn't do painted cabs in my kitchen), but I know in my OLD house I would have painted them if I'd stayed there. They weren't oak, they were blonde maple, but they looked dated. I like your idea of staining them darker too. I think oak looks nicer when it's darker, and the heavy grain is harder to cover up with paint than some other woods. I think they would look lovely in white. Or the lower cabinets just a shade darker than the uppers. I like that look, too. :) I like NanaDiana's suggestion about having the doors professionally painted since those are the hardest parts, plus they get the most wear.


  4. I like what you have done.
    Good Morning Sherry, Your kitchen looks beautiful . . .painting or not is such a personal decision. It might be a lot of work just getting the old finish off and preparing them for paint. I would think long and hard and then decide for myself . . . then you will have less regret if any:) It's like asking a beautician how you should cut your hair. They cut it and you live with it.
    Before I say good bye, I have to say how much I like your black and white tiled floor . . . it looks so crisp and clean :) Wishing you a happy fun filled weekend.
    Connie :)

  5. Hi Sherry,
    You have some beautiful wood to your cabinets. You know me I paint everything but I think if you were to sand these down and see what they look like and maybe just poly them. I bet they would look gorgeous stained. The wood really brings a warmth to the kitchen. Plus with your appliances being white painting the cabinets white might be too much. I can't believe I am going to say this but black could be a good choice for painting. With your cool floors the black would look cool and wear really nice. Miss paint everything white just said to paint them black lol! Whatever you do they will look great. Have a great week end.

  6. I like your cabinets as they are. Mine are such....crap! They are not even real wood! If you are going to paint or stain, I would go with the darker stain to contrast with your floor.

  7. Love how you decorated the top of your cabinets! I have just a few things on top of mine, but have been thinking I should add a few more've inspired me!

  8. Everyday I want to paint my light oak cabinets white, but the work involved is just too overwhelming! So, they continue to be oak! I really like what you've done above your cabinets, white and black pull my eyes - so love!! Enjoy!

  9. You did a great job, Sherry. I have gone thru phases over the years- from lots of things to bare. When the mood know what happens!

  10. I love what you used to decorate! My cabinet tops are very similar...mostly white decor. You have a lot more cabinets though! Love the signs you made too. The new mailbox is too cute. I do the same thing at times...try to figure out a way to make it myself, but often it costs more to do that. I always leave here inspired! Oh...I almost forgot, I think dark stain or paint would be pretty. I've had ugly cabinets for years and we are just about to remodel our kitchen...I can't wait! Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Hi Sherry, I am in love with how you designed the top of your cabinets and counters too. Love the wire baskets filled with treasures. Your cabinets are beautiful and they really bring a warmth and cozy feel to the white accents. I did paint mine after 18 years and not sorry, but it is a big step. In my case the room did not have enough light from the windows so the painted cabinets really brightened up the space.
    I love the popcorn metal bowl filled with apples. Everything is inspiring.
    Hugs, CM

  12. So.... earlier today I said I was coming over to do my laundry in your fabulous laundry room -well.... now I'm coming over to bake in your amazing kitchen! :)

    You must love doing every household chore in your home because every room is absolutely delightful. Your shelves look wonderful, Sherry. You have given me a lot of inspiration since the top of my shelves are struggling. Thanks for sharing with us. Happy weekend!

  13. Lovely lovely.. Well to paint the wood -- I would be concern about the wood grains showing through but what do I know I have a hard time painting any wood..But I am sure what ever you do it will look amazing!

    1. Captured Another Moment, Life is Good is right. The oak cabinets would need the grain filled in and there is a product for that. No matter what the current trend is, I would keep or change the cabinet finish to whatever you think you would love for the next decade or two. ~Ginene

  14. You know I love the black and white! I also love the use of the wire baskets. I think it's all fresh and clean looking. As for the cabinets...I say paint them! (I can't believe you have something you DON'T want to paint LOL!

  15. Great job re-decorating the cabinet tops! I don't have tops like that... my cabinets are 42" and go to the ceiling, for more storage. But... I need a stool to reach the top shelves! Sometimes I just use my tongs!! I can't even consider painting over anything that is wood... you remember... Carpenter husband... but I really like my kitchen cabinets, so he is safe! Hugs!

  16. the white defiantly brightens up the room, love all the baskets to keep your collections together!

  17. Love what you did above the cabinets. Now I need that popcorn bowl. We have been eating alot of popcorn while we are staying in with lots of snow outside.

  18. My cabinets are the same as yours! So funny to see the same
    cabinets elsewhere. I have a "spacer" above my sink and have
    wondered what it would look like without it there. Now I know.
    You have a bit more space above your cabinets that I but I
    so have things up there too. I say stain them not paint them.

    I like the black and white scheme.

    M :)

  19. If only I could decorate the tops of my cabinets! I don't have open soffits but wish I did. I am actually thinking about adding shelves above the cabinets to display things. I have so much to do in my kitchen...that probably will be among one of the last things I get to. I love what you have done with yours!

  20. I love all your white pretties and you did a wonderful job decorating your kitchen. I love the wire baskets and your new 'mailbox'. Everything looks so nice. I know it would be a hard decision to paint the cabinets. I have all wood walls and cabinets and would love to paint everything white but I think the Mr. would have a heart attack. He loves the wood (do it yourself-er that he is). I think the cabinets would look lovely painted, but a very big job! They look lovely the way they are, too. -Karen

  21. I have always preferred painted kitchen cabinets myself...but that's just me :-) Your kitchen looks great just the way it is. If it ain't broke...I always say ;-)


  22. Your home is absolutely gorgeous - and FUN, too! So many surprises. I have orangy cabinets, too and will paint them this summer - but, It will be so much work. Hubs and I painted our kitchen cabinets white in our little house in the desert and added beadboard. Our realtor said that they were too "old fashioned". Black is in. Or, Cherry, he said. Whatever! I'd love white over orangy any day! I've been looking over your blog - and honestly - you are one creative lady. Your garden is fabulous - your home is so pretty - your painting everything in sight is so much like me, I felt a kindred spirit. Everything in my house is from a Thrift Store, too - or yard sale. I just really love your BLOG!

  23. I found making the decision to paint my oak cabinets a very difficult one to make. Maybe, it's because I remembered how happy I was to get them back in the mid 80's. But, once I painted them, I was delighted with how much lighter the kitchen was overall by getting rid of the wood.

  24. I like how you used the black and white items above your cabinets. They are a nice contrast with the dark cabinets. I think your cabinets would look pretty painted white though if you decide to paint them. They would look good with your black and white checked floor.

  25. Well, I have my oak cabinets in my city home still unpainted...we refinished them. What a pain! Stripping, scraping, cleaning, revarshing. Ugh. They look nice though. :) then at the farm, I painted the cabinets white. Do they get dirty? Yes, but I used a semi gloss and they wipe off pretty easy. I imagine the others do too but dirt doesn't show up as easily on the oak stain. :) let me say I love my white cabinets!!
    Love all the black and white above your cabinets...and the rusty basket is perfection! I am so behind on my blog reading! I am off to catch up with you.

  26. Oh, Sherry, will you come over and decorate the tops of my cabinets??? I just LOVE everything about yours. Your collection of wire baskets and white ceramic/pottery is precious and so clean looking. Whether you go painted or leave it you've got a gorgeous, welcoming set up. We had to paint our quite a few years ago because they were in such bad shape. I do love how bright the off-white paint made our kitchen bright and neutralized it very nicely. The tip I used to clean mine is the Mr Clean sponge every so often, and then a semi abrasive cloth and hot water in between. It works well, but,yes, the white shows everything, so if you do decide to paint, maybe another neutral color would be an option. Good luck on your decision, but I'm sure you're enjoying all the prettyness for now ~ Amy

  27. I don't know how I missed this post, but I love what you've done Sherry. The wire baskets are perfect. I would paint the cabinets, but then again I paint everything. I've painted mine 3 times in 17 years and I'm thinking about doing it again this summer to yet another colour. I'm one of those crazy people who finds painting rather relaxing. I agree with you.. when you don't know which way to go with the cabinets, do nothing. One day inspiration will strike. You'll just know when you know. How profound is that? lol.

  28. The little fern wreath is adorable. The time spent was worth it. It is a real attention grabber! Love it!

  29. Sherry, shopping your home was the way to go! Love what you've done and the fresh farmhouse look! I know it's a job to paint them but I think white cabinets would look fabulous in your kitchen. Love the metal basket and your mail box from Michaels, too! Hugs, Cecilia

  30. Looks so pretty Sherry !
    And I absolutely love that popcorn bowl btw :)
    I say when in doubt - PAINT lol - how about black? To go with your white and black theme?

  31. Hi Sherry! I love using black and white together and it looks wonderful in your kitchen. Decorating the space above cabinets is always hard but you did a great job. Thanks for joining the Share Your Style party and have a great week.

  32. Love the way your white accessories stand out and brighten up your kitchen.
    Mary Alice

  33. Hi,
    I love the new mailbox. Great find. I want one. :-)
    I am new to your blog. I like it :-)))
    Have a great weekend,

  34. P.S.
    I am a homeschool mom too. We have two boys.

    xx oo

  35. Hi Sherry! Catching up on your posts! I love all of your black and white accents. To paint, or not to paint? I love wood, but when we did the kitchen in the Little Shack (don't get me started on what the previous owners called a kitchen-scary!) I chose white cabinets from Ikea. Mainly because all of the walls in the shack are wood. But, I have to say, they are super easy to keep clean. It's easy to see when they get splashed food or things on them, and only take a wipe or 2 to clean up. I highly recommend painting them with something durable and washable.-Sue

  36. I think painting the upper cabinets white and lower cabinets a medium to dark gray would look lovely! It would blend beautifully with your black and white floor, appliances and decor. Also, changing the hardware to match the finish of your faucet (ORB I presume?) would be the perfect finishing touch. Good luck with whatever decision you make!


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